Some tips for a good night’s sleep


Regardless of the reasons, every person may periodically experience sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, which lead to daytime sleepiness, decreased concentration, work capacity, mood deterioration, and even some diseases. Other disorders can cause sleep problems: back pain, neck pain, joint pain, overeating, deterioration of the immune system, atherosclerosis, etc. If a person does not get enough sleep, it seems to him that he is unsuccessful; he is not productive, which is extremely annoying. Therefore, it is very important to sleep soundly and sufficiently at night.

Physical activity

This advice doesn’t involve putting in the effort of an Olympic champion. It is quite reasonable and sufficient to add evening half-hour walks and once or twice a week training in the gym to your daily routine.

But remember that it is better not to train yourself right before going to bed, because any physical activity that seems to exhaust you, on the contrary, can “activate” the nervous system too much, which will not help to get rid of sleep disorders.

Don’t force yourself to sleep

The more you try to sleep, the less you will want to sleep. It is extremely difficult to deceive your body, but due to unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep, there will be a persistent association, formed by our brain, that the bed is not a place for rest, but for thoughts and experiences.

If you have been lying in bed for about forty minutes and still could not fall asleep, then it is better not to continue this “procedure”. Get up, go to another room, do something calm and soothing. It may seem that such precious moments of sleep are wasted in this way. But you will see, the morning of the next day will be much more pleasant with this method.

Do not drink alcohol often

The effect of drinking alcohol can be the opposite of what you expect. At first, it may seem to help with sleep problems due to its relaxing, sedative effect. However, such a reaction will last no more than a few hours. At some point, the sedative effect will wear off and you will feel agitated and nervous. If you drink alcohol in the evening, you may wake up in the middle of the night and not fall asleep again. In addition, regular consumption of alcohol can even aggravate the situation. If the problem of sleep disorder has become more and more noticeable and worrying, it is best to give up drinking alcohol altogether. In any case, never use alcoholic beverages as a sleep aid.

Do not sleep during the day

If you didn’t sleep well one night, try to stay awake during the day, because napping during the day will prevent you from falling asleep in time in the evening. If you feel that you are too tired because of a sleepless night, take Waklert or Armod. These drugs are technically known as indirect dopamine receptor agonists, which essentially mean they block the reuptake of the neurotransmitter, known as dopamine, to increase its presence in the brain. Why is this good? Because you will be cheerful and active during the day, and at night you will be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly!