Every person needs at least eight hours of sleep. But for some people, five to six hours are enough to feel good and energetic the next day, while others, on the contrary, need nine to ten hours. As we grow older, the need for prolonged sleep decreases. However, according to scientists, for an excellent well-being, the duration of sleep should be at least five hours. If for some reason you cannot get enough sleep, take modafinil drugs such as Modavigil and Modalert. They are used to improve efficiency and productivity at work, boost brainpower and mental performance. Modavigil and Modalert are nonprescription medicines helping people keep the highest reaction rate and former concentration level after just 3 — 4 hours of sleep. And now you can buy Modavigil and Modalert online through our store without any prescriptions from the doctor.

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1. Breast cancer.

If you constantly work night shifts, the level of melatonin, the hormone responsible for falling asleep, decreases. But in addition, melatonin prevents the development of cancer. It blocks certain biochemical pathways in the body that are used for uncontrolled cell division. The release of melatonin is closely related to the release of p53 protein, the main defender of our body against tumors. The less melatonin, the less protein p53, and the more likely cancer cells will develop.

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1. Eat small portions.

During menstruation, nutritionists recommend eating small portions four to five times a day, as it increases vitality. Snack on healthy food between meals. If you eat large portions, the body will have to spend a lot of energy to digest food, which will lead to fatigue.

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1. Beet juice.

Beetroot juice is rich in choline. This trace element improves the functioning of the brain, increases the ability to concentrate and learn. In addition, this substance supports the functioning of synapses and parts of the brain responsible for mood, memory and muscle control. Also, beets have a high content of nitrites, which helps to get rid of stress and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart muscle. It is important to drink juice in small portions, as it greatly reduces blood pressure. Thus, when consuming juices, monitor the body’s reaction.

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