1. 1. Wake up according to the “five-minute rule” There is an effective 5-minute wake-up system. Start your morning with positive emotions for first minute. Think about your beloved people, memorable events, and beautiful places. Second minute: take a deep breath to wake the body. Third minute: massage your temples, nape, earlobes and eyebrows to improve the blood flow to the brain. Fourth minute: rub your palms against each other; then gently rub your hands, feet, stomach, back. These actions improve blood circulation throughout the body. Fifth minute: you must calmly sit and drink a glass of water with lemon.
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One of the reasons of badly sleep is nightmares. They cause strong negative emotions – from fear to anger, which we experience at night and because of which we wake up. Frequent nightmares have a negative effect on health and reduce concentration during the day. A good dream seen at night is a guarantee of a good mood for the whole day. Of course, we cannot control dreams and order their plot. Even so, we can protect ourselves from nightmares. A serene sleep improves vitality, improves mood and, accordingly, helps weight control.

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1. Consider your biorhythms.

    Of course, it is very difficult to adjust the work schedule for your biorhythms, but you can make some adjustments. If you take into account the characteristics of your body, it will be much easier to perform the task. Plan your day so that important things need to be done for the hours of your activity. Besides, pay attention to what hours you feel a decrease in energy.

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