Social anxiety disorder is so much more than just a shyness. People suffering from such phobia not just feel uncomfortable in public – they experience intense fear and panic attacks, get super nervous, can barely walk and talk. While feeling afraid and anxious in social situations is pretty normal, there are conditions which lead to significant commutation problems, cause overwhelming distraction and distress. That is why psychologists consider it crucial to distinguish between anxiety discomfort and social phobia – a severe disorder that should be treated with medications.

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Over the past five years, people’s interest in nootropics has seen a significant increase (according to Google Trends). Most of the Internet users are still wondering what nootropics really are and how they impact human’s mental abilities. They also mistakenly believe that all the products improving cognition are actually nootropics, which is definitely not true. So, it is obviously the time to debunk the most common myths about these “magic pills”.

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Supplementation is a thing nowadays, and most people are looking to find the pill that would make them sharper, more creative and productive. Enhancing your brain function is now safe and simple thanks to the nootropics – a huge range of dietary supplements that are initially developed to treat sleep disorders, but now they are widely used to improve mental performance and cognitive skills.

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When it comes to creativity, we tend to think of Salvador Dali or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but this phenomenon is defined as the ability to generate and recognize ideas and possibilities. So, the natural question is whether everyone can be creative or not. We are pretty sure the answer is positive, because being creative simply means being capable of producing something new. The only thing one lacks is a clear mind (and this is when we are about to tell you how Modafinil helps you stay awake, focused, and productive).

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