1. Draw

Take a sheet of paper, a pen and set the timer for 3 minutes. Then draw a horizontal line and don’t think about anything else. As soon as another thought appears, draw an arrow and then continue to draw a straight line until time runs out or a new thought emerges. If your line looks like a cardiogram, repeat this task as often as possible. If the line is straight, then the task is too simple for you, next time do it for 5 minutes.

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1. Almonds.

Almonds are a wonderful evening snack. Due to the content of tryptophan, it helps to fall asleep. But during the day this property causes DS. If you often feel tired and drowsy, try not to eat almonds in the morning. But you can eat them at bedtime. Thanks to the content of protein, it guarantees good sleep.

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The onset of cold and winter is a serious test for our body. Weakened immunity and hypothermia affect our health, appearance and productivity. In this case, seasonal vegetables and fruits, which contain the full range of nutrients, will benefit. It is important to include these foods in your daily diet to rejuvenate your body and be productive.

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  1. Green smoothies.

Green smoothies are a great alternative to coffee. Cucumber, celery, spinach, kiwi, broccoli – all this can be mixed. After this drink you will become much more energetic and cheerful. Add a banana or cocoa powder to the smoothie to increase the caloric content of the drink and make a healthy, invigorating cocktail.

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