1. Clearly defined goal.

It is impossible to influence one’s own effectiveness without checking it by the factor of achieving the goal. The more tasks you manage to achieve, the higher your productivity will be. If a person does not have a specific goal, he cannot succeed. His work turns into a job that may bring positive emotions but is not globally pleasing. To improve your capabilities, you need to clearly define the goals and ways to achieve them. Comparing your results with the previous day, you can quickly establish a positive trend.

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1. Diversify your sports activities.

You can improve your health and get a lot of new positive emotions thanks to a new hobby. For example, stretching improves blood circulation and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles. Endorphins are released during any exercise – whether running or volleyball. In addition, in the spring, outdoor sports become more comfortable. Get active in the park, take part in a fitness flashmob or go for a run. Even a 10-minute walk at a fast pace is enough. As a result, blood circulation will improve and energy will increase.

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