1. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach.

“Awakening hormone” and “stress hormone” cortisol are actively produced in the morning from 7 to 9 o’clock. A cup of coffee increases its level and increases the activity of the body. The temporary invigorating effect disappears after 1-2 hours, and you become even more tired. Caffeine stimulates our nervous system. Thus, when drinking this drink in large quantities, the feeling of irritation will be all day.

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1. You are malnourished.

This applies not only to those who adhere to a variety of diets and deliberately restrict their diet. Sometimes, because of heavy loads and stress, you can miss breakfast or lunch. As a result, blood sugar is reduced, the body does not have enough energy. If for some reason you can’t dine, get healthy snacks (bananas, whole grain breads, protein bars, dried fruits, nuts, etc.). They help the body to retain energy throughout the day.

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Striving to achieve our goals, we work hard for this. We constantly think about our careers, sometimes we even forget about important things, such as health. As a result, we develop illness and chronic fatigue, but we continue to work with reduced concentration and drowsiness. Let’s consider some tips that will help you gain clarity of thinking and be healthy.

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1. Try to worry less.

The postpartum period is a time when you need to protect yourself from negative emotions. The fact is that due to the hormonal characteristics of your body during this period you are too sensitive. So, try to worry less and read the news less often. Remember that nothing is as important now as your child. As you reduce your anxiety, your memory and concentration will begin to recover.

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1. Walk.

If you have daytime sleepiness, you need to increase blood circulation and saturate the body with oxygen. Regular walks can have a positive effect on health at any age. Proper and regular walking will help saturate the tissues of the spine with oxygen, strengthen the intervertebral discs. When walking in the fresh air, the brain receives more nutrition, improves blood circulation, activates weakened neural connections, drowsiness disappears. During daily walks, the heart muscle and blood vessels are trained, so the risk of heart attack and stroke is halved, and the risk of varicose veins is reduced.

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