1. The principle of one minute.

This can be useful for those who find it difficult to force themselves to do monotonous work. The Japanese developed the technique of “kaizen”, which involves a person doing a certain job for 1 minute. But it is necessary to do it every day at the same time. Indeed, in 1 minute you can endure a lot. As a result, you feel less stressed, relieve feelings of helplessness and feel like a winner. Inspired by a sense of success, you will feel more energized. Start increasing this time gradually until you reach the desired duration.

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Sleep is the most important function of the body, which allows you to regain strength in a relatively short time. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to high blood pressure, mood swings and weight gain. Often, trying to compensate for fatigue, a person eats more caloric food and does not exercise. All of these factors lead not only to a bad mood, but also to serious health problems. Good sleep will help you have a good mood, be energetic and stabilize your metabolism. If you still cannot normalize your sleep, take Artvigil and Modavigil. These are safe drugs to help get rid of drowsiness and be energetic.

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