The human brain has one amazing feature: it is able to create new connections between cells. Thanks to these connections, called synapses, a person is focused and can be productive. There is an opinion that the number of these synapses is unlimited, but this statement is far from the truth. Of course, their intensive formation occurs in the early periods of a person’s life, over time this process slows down, but does not stop. But this, unfortunately, compensates for only a small number of those who disappear as a result of, at first glance, ordinary habits.

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In today’s world, 90 percent of people sit most of the time. They sit at work, in public transport, at home while eating or watching TV. After all, even in ancient times it was known that an active person is healthier and more productive! What should a modern busy person do? Running to work in the morning? Change it to another? No, it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to add warm-up to your daily activities. So let’s consider the topic not about morning exercises, but about certain exercises at the workplace. No one will notice your warm-up, but it will bring you significant benefits.

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