3 common factors that negatively affect concentration and productivity


The human brain has one amazing feature: it is able to create new connections between cells. Thanks to these connections, called synapses, a person is focused and can be productive. There is an opinion that the number of these synapses is unlimited, but this statement is far from the truth. Of course, their intensive formation occurs in the early periods of a person’s life, over time this process slows down, but does not stop. But this, unfortunately, compensates for only a small number of those who disappear as a result of, at first glance, ordinary habits.

1. Lack of sleep.

Scientists have not yet managed to disprove the theory of sufficient sleep, according to which you should sleep at least 7-9 hours. It is the duration of the night processes that help the brain to fully perform its work and productively go through all the “sleepy” phases. Otherwise, as studies conducted on rodents have shown, the number of brain cells and their synapses, which are responsible for the physiological response to anxiety and stress, contribute to concentration and productivity, decreases by 25%. Scientists believe that a similar mechanism of cell death due to lack of sleep is also present in humans, but this is still only an assumption, which, in their opinion, will be verified soon.

2. Smoking.

Heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cancer – this is not a complete list of negative consequences caused by addiction to cigarettes. Research conducted by the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in 2002 left no doubt that smoking kills brain cells and their synapses. And although the experiments were conducted on rats, scientists are completely sure that this bad habit also affects human brain cells. This was confirmed by a study by Indian scientists, as a result of which scientists managed to find in cigarettes a dangerous for the human body compound called nicotine-derived nitrosoamine ketone. NNK increases the activity of white blood cells, causing them to attack healthy brain cells. Due to this, a person becomes less concentrated, productive, and the risk of depression and degenerative diseases increases.

3. Dehydration

It’s no secret that the human body contains a lot of water, and the brain is no exception. Adequate hydration is necessary for the body in general, and the brain in particular. Otherwise, processes are activated that disrupt the functioning of entire organ systems and kill brain cells. As a rule, this most often happens after drinking alcohol, which suppresses the work of the hormone vasopressin, which is responsible for increasing the amount of solute-free water in the body.

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