1. Lack of oxygen.

The brain cannot function without oxygen. None of the body’s systems can function without oxygen, but the brain is particularly sensitive to lack of oxygen. The most common cause of daytime sleepiness is prolonged stay indoors. Often, from October to April, the windows in the house almost do not open. In this case, oxygen starvation will become chronic.

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1. Plain water.

Water provides the brain with energy more efficiently than other fluids, activates thinking and stimulates memory processes. Adequate water intake promotes quick thinking and concentration. Dehydration reduces brain activity. When the body is only 1% dehydrated, cognitive function is reduced by 5%. Prolonged dehydration leads to a decrease in the size and mass of brain cells. It is most common in the elderly, many of whom have a tendency to chronic dehydration for many years.

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1. Man-made overload.

In today’s world there are many new technologies, information surplus, constant stress. It is in such conditions that most city dwellers live. The ability of our brain to concentrate deteriorates under these conditions. Constant stress and increased intensity of life leads to mental and physical exhaustion, as well as decreased concentration.

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