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Modafinil 100mg
by CSL Biotherapies

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What is Modavigil?

what is Modafinil

Modavigil is a medicine containing the unique active ingredient called Modafinil. Modavigil’s used to improve efficiency and productivity at work, boost brainpower and mental performance. Modavigil is a nonprescription medicine helping people keep the highest reaction rate and former concentration level after just 3 — 4 hours of sleep. And now you can buy Modavigil online through our store!

Buy Modavigil from an official UK dealer

To buy Modavigil is to get an active, normal life at a minimum price possible. Our prices start at £2,61 per pill, and we provide you with the original New Zealand medications manufactured by CSL Biotherapies. Modafinil Union’s an official dealer offering customers from all around the world to buy Modavigil in the UK online.

Buy Modavigil and wake up to life

You can buy any amount of pills needed — up to 480 tablets contained in sealed blisters. Over 250, 000 people have already tried Modavigil and fought their lassitude and sleep problems. Now it’s your turn to buy Modavigil and wake up to live fully and passionately!

How should I take Modavigil?

Modavigil is only available as 100mg tablets. Although most patients take one whole tablet for the full effects, new customers may want to try splitting one tablet along the scoring line to see how a smaller dose of 50mg will affect them. The state of our metabolism and brain chemistry can offer very different results for different people. If the 50mg dose is tolerated well, then a whole tablet may be taken to get the full effects of treatment!

How to use Modavigil


Product authenticity and safety

Modafinil and Armodafini safety

Just like all of our products, we sell Modavigil in its original and unaltered packaging complete with manufacturer printed batch numbers and expiration dates. The strips each hold ten tablets which are contained in sealed blisters. Our products are all discreetly packaged and shipped in padded containers to prevent any potential damage or breakage that may occur.

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