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Armodafinil 150mg
by Emcure Pharmaceuticals

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What is Armod?

Armod is an Armodafinil medication that is manufactured by Emcure Pharmaceuticals of India. It contains a different formulation of Modafinil that acts in a similar way, but may be more effective in some patients. The medication indirectly blocks the reuptake of dopamine in the brain to promote wakefulness and clarity of thinking. Unlike other stimulants that affect the central nervous system, Armodafinil does not inhibit motor function, allowing you to carry on about your day with increased focus and energy to accomplish your tasks. Armod is available in both 50mg and 150mg doses. Even if Modafinil does not seem to have much of an effect on you, the alternate action of Armodafinil may be exactly what you need!

How do I use Armod?

One tablet in the morning is usually enough to give you the focus and clarity you need for the whole day. Depending on your metabolism, 50mg may be enough, but most customers prefer to use the 150mg dosage to ensure the full effects. If you aren’t sure how Armodafinil will affect you, you may want to begin with 50mg and increase your dosage to the 150mg tablets if the effects are not satisfactory.


Assuring your safety

Along with Armod, all of our products come packaged in their original strips which are printed with their expiration date and batch number. Each strip contains ten tablets encased in blisters. Our products are shipped discreetly in boxes and padded envelopes to prevent damage and breakage.

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Always read the patient leaflet before ordering medication

View Patient Information Leaflet (PDF 18.4Kb)
Michael Joey 2019-02-25 08:00:47
This drug Armod I took for 3 days only half a pill 250 mg dosage my whole body is swollen my body aches I have a horrible stomich with non stop diarrhea difficulty swallowing .I am still feeling horrible 2 days later after stopped taking it and I hope it goes away .this was the worst feeling I've ever had in my entire my life

Peter Sulley 2019-01-27 03:56:46
This medication is a wonder drug. I have had trouble sleeping all my life, I never go into rem sleep and this caused foggyness of my brain and not able to follow training information on new jobs. Always in bed trying to get some zzzz's. My psychiatrist put me on this medication and immediately became shape minded , no brain fog, able to remember what and how to do things...amazing. I do not have sleep apnea after 3 sleep studies. At work I would get so sleepy that I would find an empty office used to store things and curl up on the floor just to get some sleep. The only side effect I had was a headache and no appetite. So you would need to purposely eat something even if you don't feel like it. Very thirsty, with all this said I now sleep with only melatonin and amytriptolene......most of my nerve pain has also settled down. Cost is high so I will contact the Pharmacutical company. Thanks everyone for your input. 150mg, once in the morning and I am not sure of the brand since the bottle only says Armod.

Roy Clark 2019-02-27 03:57:48
My experience with Armod is that my fatigue is lessened. I don’t take naps during the day anymore. Taking Nuvigil has had a life saving effect on my driving ability. I don’t fall asleep while driving any longer. This has enabled me to see my daughter and grandchildren. I can’t begin to express my feelings and gratitude for this “life saving “ drug.

Simon 2020-08-31 03:10:43
Delivery was delayed due to Covid, but the product is excellent. Packaging was great too. I will purchase again.

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