5 ways to maintain clarity of thinking into old age

1. Healthy nutrition.

Healthy nutrition is the key to a healthy life. If you want to keep a clear mind in old age, start dieting. Try to eliminate fast food, trans fats and foods high in sugar from your diet. Such food not only harms the figure, but also negatively affects the intellect. A healthy diet will help maintain clarity of mind. According to research, fried and fatty foods (hot dogs, french fries, burgers and other fast food) destroy the nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for cognitive abilities. This result leads to the consumption of foods high in sugar and salt. It is recommended to eat red fish to improve memory, as it contains omega-3 and omega-6 acids and many other useful trace elements. It is also important to eat vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants (tomatoes, broccoli, guava, watermelon, carrots) – they help slow down the aging process.

2. Moderate mental load.

Constantly performing new tasks can slow down the aging of the brain. Learn foreign languages, learn a variety of musical instruments, or pursue any other hobby related to new knowledge, such as astronomy or history.

Do not neglect all the known activities for the development of intelligence. According to research, they reduce the risk of dementia and improve brain function. Solve sudoku and crossword puzzles – it’s very useful. Thanks to this exciting activity, the functioning of the brain is significantly improved. There are even sites where you can solve scanwords online.

3. Rest and meditation.

Stress accelerates the aging process by raising blood pressure and making the heart beat faster. In today’s world, people are constantly faced with this – congestion, lack of sleep, lack of money and other problems have a negative impact on both physical and emotional health. The most effective way to deal with this is to rest and meditate.

4. Take Modavigil.

Modavigil is a medicine containing the unique active ingredient called Modafinil. Modavigil’s used to improve efficiency, concentration and productivity at work, boost brainpower and mental performance. Modavigil is a nonprescription medicine helping people maintain the highest reaction rate and former concentration level after just 3-4 hours of sleep. And now you can buy Modavigil online through our store!

5. Take Armod.

Armod is an Armodafinil medication that is manufactured by Emcure Pharmaceuticals of India. It contains a different formulation of Modafinil that acts in a similar way, but may be more effective in some patients. The medication indirectly blocks the reuptake of dopamine in the brain to promote wakefulness and clarity of thinking. Unlike other stimulants that affect the central nervous system, Armodafinil does not inhibit motor function, allowing you to carry on about your day with improved concentration, increased focus and energy to accomplish your tasks. Armod is available in both 50mg and 150mg doses. Even if Modafinil does not seem to have much of an effect on you, the alternate action of Armodafinil may be exactly what you need!