6 health benefits of visiting the sauna


Visiting a sauna or a Turkish hamam is not only pleasant, but also useful. Even the ancient Romans had their own baths that performed such a function. Why is such a pastime so valuable for your health and appearance? Of course, it’s not just about hygiene. In many peoples, this is a special cultural and health direction, which is responsible for the prevention of diseases, is part of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a beautiful appearance.

So, what makes a sauna so valuable? In fact, there are several important reasons why visiting it will be beneficial not only for health, but also for appearance.

1. Relaxation and calming down.

A sauna is a quiet place where you can relax. It is ideal for calming and maintaining mental clarity. It is a source of pleasant warmth that can restore lost mental balance. “Overheating” of the body relaxes – along with it, worries “flow” out of you and tense muscles relax. This is due not only to warmth, but also to serotonin released into the blood.

2. Improvement of sleep quality.

If you once visited a bathhouse, you should have noticed that a pleasant fatigue appears afterwards. That is why it is better to visit it in the evening. And in the morning, you will definitely wake up refreshed, full of energy and ready for action. The secret is that the sauna has another great advantage. It promotes clarity of thinking and improves concentration. If you need to be productive on a certain day, then visit saina the day before, and take Modavigil or Modalert in the morning. This will provide a guaranteed result!

3. The sauna is an excellent means of prevention of SARS.

It has been proven that regular visits to the sauna help reduce the incidence of SARS. In other words, they adapt your body to temperature changes and “teach” it to react quickly to them. Thanks to this, your body will be much more effective in resisting disease-causing infections. Do you need more proof? Staying in a sauna improves the blood supply to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which increases the production of mucus, which contains the body’s protective cells, the task of which is to remove pathogenic microorganisms.

4. Detox.

As a result of exposure to high temperatures, the human body produces a lot of sweat. Together with it, toxins and contamination of the skin are released from the body. However, the cleansing effect is not only for the skin. Unnecessary metabolic products are also intensively removed through the blood and kidneys.

5. Relieves joint pain.

People suffering from muscle and joint pain are often advised to visit a sauna or bathhouse to improve blood circulation and relax tendons and ligaments. Moreover, visiting the bath helps to produce endorphins, which relieve pain and relax!

6. Slimmer figure.

Visiting a bathhouse or sauna can help you burn calories. An infrared sauna is especially helpful in this, as it lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, helps normalize blood circulation, and increases heart rate.