In today’s dynamic world, people are trying to make a thousand things at a time. It is not surprising that at this pace all people are in constant tension, and not so much physical as nervous. The body experiences constant stress, which, of course, must be eliminated. That is why today’s article is about this – the best ways to relieve stress.

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Even in ancient Greece, philosophers and scientists have pointed out that most of our problems, whether poverty, loneliness, or even illness, are found in the center of the “universe” of our body – the head. Indeed, current research by scientists proves that many ailments are not caused by a real problem in particular organ systems, organs or extremities, but it is in our head. The brain regulates many processes, and as it turns out, our emotions can also affect the body’s activity negatively or positively. The influence of psychological factors on our physiology is called psychosomatics – it is from the ancient Greek words “body” and “soul”, which, according to ancient, were inextricably linked. So what’s so special about our head? Why can it affect our body?

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