The best ways to get rid of stress. Part 2

We have already learned that great treatments for stress are art therapy, relaxation, and music. Let’s find out what else can help you get rid of stress.

1. Focus

If you have been suffering from a problem for a long time but it is not possible to solve it, postpone it for later. Don’t go away from the problem at all – sooner or later it still needs to be addressed. But if you can’t handle the situation right now, switch and abstract. Then you can look at the situation with a new look, and the decision will come.

In some cases, if you need to focus and solve the problem in the short term, you can use drugs that improve attention, such as Modalert and Modavigil. It is better to use the drug and solve the problem than to work on it for a long time and be in chronic stress.

2. Play sports

Endorphins (the hormones of happiness) are released in humans due to physical activity. When you dance, go to the gym, swim, you get an energy surge. You strengthen your body and become healthier, stronger, more durable and beautiful, and in addition, you also have a good mood. In addition, the sport motivates you to be better, teaches discipline and hardens not only physically but also morally. You become stronger, learn to cope with difficulties, set new goals and achieve them. The body produces the ability to cope with the daily flow of information and its processing. A healthy body is a healthy mind!

3. Massage

Do you like full-body relaxation or tonic head massage? Or maybe you like relaxing shoulder and neck massage or therapeutic back massage? And maybe you like a wrap and anti-cellulite massage? Stone therapy? Hydromassage? Spa treatments that relax and relieve stress are plentiful! Treat yourself by a massage or spa – this will help you relax and unwind. It is worth saying that in a state of stress, our muscles are in a tight state, like most nerve endings. This is most noticeable in the area of ​​the shoulders and neck – we involuntarily retract the “head into the shoulders” as if defending against negativity. Therefore, massage in this area will not only relax the muscles but also activate blood flow to the brain, which, again, will help improve performance.

4. Try the extreme

If you talk about stress, you can try “shock therapy” – let’s call it so. Skydiving, rock climbing, bungee jumping – try what you’ve always feared. This is especially useful when stress is constant. In the process of extreme sports, a lot of adrenaline is produced. This hormone also belongs to the group of stress hormones, it is produced in life-threatening situations. And when that situation ends, the adrenaline rush into the bloodstream comes in huge numbers – as compensation for having “survived” the threat. Believe me, after skydiving (well, or choose something less cardinal) you will definitely forget about the pressing problems for at least a while!

There is nowhere to go from stressful situations – they are waiting for us every day and literally at every step. But if you try to get rid of the little things and turn your attention to the more important positive things in life, you will become much more resilient to stress and negativity. Learn to abstract, play sports or an interesting hobby. And you will see – stress will bypass you!