About psychosomatics. Part 2

In the last article, we learned that the brain controls our entire body and began to investigate the causes of psychosomatic reactions. Let’s continue to consider this topic.

What are the other causes of psychosomatic disorders?

Body language is the case when the famous saying “My tongue is my enemy” makes sense. Sometimes it is better to say than to remain silent. You will not express it – your body will say it, but in its specific language, and it is unlikely that you will like it. Silence can cost you headaches, even migraines.

Motivation – in simple, it can be described as “sick because I am so comfortable right now”. This type of reaction is a conditional benefit to its owner. To put it bluntly, the overwhelming reluctance to go to a school in a child really can cause redden the throat and rise in temperature.

Experience of the past – the cause of the illness can be psychological trauma from the past, especially from childhood, which physically leaves its imprint in adulthood.

Identification. These are situations where a person who is perfectly healthy is experiencing the same symptoms as a patient. This happens in case of strong affection for each other. Yes, medicine is known cases when a man, that having a pregnant wife, completely underwent all the “charms” of toxicosis, abdominal pain, and even contractions, everything that only a future mother can physiologically feel.

Suggestion – well, everything is clear here. Probably at this point, you have recognized your friend, grandmother, neighbor or yourself, who constantly says “I am sick constantly”, “doctor, I have something wrong, check again”, “MRI can be wrong” and so on.

Self-punishment – a good example of this is the age-old problem of all those who lose weight: for the smallest mistake during a diet (cookies or candy), they feel incredible guilt. And such constant self-indulgence can lead to eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, etc.

The solution to the problem

To say “don’t be nervous!” is to say nothing. Stress is anywhere. But even if you run into a similar problem, there is a way out. There are many psychology professionals available to help even the most desperate supporter of torture themselves. In this case, the most important thing is to accept the existence of the problem and be prepared for even a long way to solve it. Someone will just be helped by a conversation, some medications (such as Armod or Artvigil), and someone needs hospital treatment, perhaps. In any case, do not be afraid of psychotherapy – it can save your health and even life.


You should not embark on a war with yourself. Think your head, but live your feelings. Both positive and negative, they must leave your body. You must live here and now. Do not look back, boldly look forward (thankfully, your head allows it). Don’t take problems too seriously, don’t take other people’s words and actions close to your heart. Enjoy yourself: after a hard week of work, go hiking with your family, go outdoors, visit an entertainment center, or another country. Go for a massage regularly, swim in the pool, bake an apple pie and just be a happy person.