About psychosomatics. Part 1

Even in ancient Greece, philosophers and scientists have pointed out that most of our problems, whether poverty, loneliness, or even illness, are found in the center of the “universe” of our body – the head. Indeed, current research by scientists proves that many ailments are not caused by a real problem in particular organ systems, organs or extremities, but it is in our head. The brain regulates many processes, and as it turns out, our emotions can also affect the body’s activity negatively or positively. The influence of psychological factors on our physiology is called psychosomatics – it is from the ancient Greek words “body” and “soul”, which, according to ancient, were inextricably linked. So what’s so special about our head? Why can it affect our body?

The head is the beginning

There have been many stories of people losing their arms, legs, some other parts of the body and even internal organs, but living and achieving incredible results in sports, science, and creativity. But there is no cause of life without ahead. The exception is the world-famous cock Mike, who has lived without ahead for a year and a half, during which he became popular, began the “career” of a celebrity, a favorite of his master. When his landlord, a farmer, tried to cut off his head to cook the broth, he missed and most of the brain remained in place and continued to function. The paradox that reveals the whole essence of psychosomatics: no head – no problem.
The head is really the chief of the body. Just think, 4 sensations out of 5 obey “her majesty” – sight, hearing, smell, taste. The brain controls the whole body. When you fall in love, the signals from the brain neurons turn into beautiful butterflies and fly towards the stomach, settling there and swinging their wings! When you are nervous, you find it difficult to breathe, you lose appetite or it increases.

People could not go wrong for centuries, calling head the beginning of everything (“The head is the beginning”; “The hands are working, and the head is feeding”; “Bread is the head”; “On the shoulders, the head – trouble is not terrible” etc.). It is because the head controls everything – both visible and invisible.

Causes of psychosomatic reactions

When psychosomatics became the official term and, accordingly, a proven phenomenon in medicine, one of the psychologists studying it, Leslie Le Crone identified the following causes of psychosomatic reactions:
Conflict involves the confrontation of two or more parts of your personality. This does not mean that you need to be diagnosed with a split personality. It is about the conscious and the unconscious. And in this war, there can be only one winner between your two or more oppositional desires or intentions. Accordingly, the loser and the desire for revenge will be the factor that provokes psychosomatic syndrome. The person will feel discomfort and nervous, which will sooner or later lead to negative consequences.

Other reasons can be found in the next article.