Studies show that during episodes of sleepwalking, individual neurons are capable of exhibiting unusual electrical activity. Because of this, some parts of the brain structures are activated and sleep becomes “partial” and “incomplete”. But the parts responsible for consciousness continue to be in a state of sleep. At first glance, it seems impossible to sleep and walk or do any other activity at the same time, but thanks to the above-mentioned features of the brain, it happens. Some areas of the brain, such as those responsible for coordination and movement, can function separately from others.

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Sleep is one of the most studied and mysterious phenomena that a person encounters every day. We are all human and feel the need for sleep, the difference is only in the required amount. Someone feels rested already after 5 hours of rest, and for someone, even 10 hours is not enough. A sleep-deprived person becomes irritable, nervous, does not remember any information well, and in general may not behave adequately. But in addition to the nervous system, with a lack of sleep, the immune system, cardiovascular system and the whole body also suffer, a person becomes more prone to diseases.

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