Psychological and physiological signs of somniphobia How to overcome somniphobia?

There are many phobias, some of which do not cause serious discomfort, while others can spoil a person’s life. One of the most unpleasant and dangerous phobias is somnophobia or the fear of sleep.

With this disease, a person suffers not only from mental and nervous disorders, but also from lack of sleep. Somniphobia can quickly exhaust the patient’s body and nervous system, so this condition requires treatment as soon as possible.

The cause of somniphobia is an uncontrollable fear located in the unconscious part of the psyche, which cannot and should not be overcome or eliminated, one’s emotions must be redirected. Special emotionality is a colossal resource that opens up great opportunities if it is directed not at oneself, but at everyone around. Transform these emotions into love for other people, sympathy and compassion for them.

To overcome somniphobia, it is necessary:

  • to understand and realize one’s mental properties. These are innate features that need to be used. People are born to feel, show emotion, perceive the world and they need to do it. Moreover, every person is in demand in society – someone needs emotional help and support, and others need to provide it to someone;
  • analyze your condition for the presence of psychological injuries and negative experiences and get rid of them. Perhaps you were once frightened at the moment of falling asleep, or you were told a scary fairy tale or a story related to sleep. Stories about death in a dream cause a particularly negative reaction;
  • to show one’s emotionality: empathy, sympathy, sociability, feelings and attitudes towards other people. Try to listen to them, feel their situation, and not just talk about yours. You can also watch movies in which you can sympathize and empathize with the characters, read books where the plot also involves showing empathy.
  • do not nap during the day. Sometimes it happens that a person overslept during the day and because of this cannot fall asleep at night. If this happens often, a person may have a fear of sleep. In this case, it is necessary to take Modalert or Modavigil, which contain Modafinil. They are used as one of the most efficient drugs for treating daytime sleepiness, insomnia, somniphobia, sleepwalking, and other types of sleep disorder. An original drug requires a medical prescription to be sold, but we can help you buy Modalert and Modavigil online without any orders from the doctor!

The fear of sleep has psychological and physiological signs.

Psychological symptoms include: obsessive thoughts about helplessness while preparing for sleep; unreasonable anxiety, especially in the evening; strong fear of death; anxiety when talking about sleep; panic attacks and hallucinations.

Physiological symptoms are as follows: shortness of breath; tachycardia (rapid heartbeat); tremors in the whole body and convulsions; increased sweating. Vision may also deteriorate and, unfortunately, often even after a person has gotten rid of the disorder, vision does not improve.