1. Disorders of the respiratory system (RS).

This problem often occurs in pathologies of RS. In situations where a person has a stuffy nose, fever and sore throat, the person cannot breathe normally. Seasonal SARS and chronic forms of the disease (rhinitis; sinusitis; frontitis) cause the mouth to open during sleep. A timely visit to an otolaryngologist or family doctor will help to correct the situation. As a preventive measure, doctors recommend annual rest in the mountains or by the sea among eucalyptus trees. The air in this area helps to normalize RS and reduces the likelihood of allergy.

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Sleep wrinkles or sleep lines are wrinkles that are almost impossible to affect with cosmetics. Unlike normal facial wrinkles, they appear due to contact of the face with the bed. In women and men, such wrinkles look different. In women, they occur more often on the cheeks and chin, because they are more accustomed to sleeping on the side. Therefore, cosmetologists can determine exactly which side a woman is sleeping on. “Male” sleep wrinkles appear on the forehead and eyebrows, as they often sleep on the abdomen.

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1. Get rid of unnecessary things.

Getting rid of unnecessary things is an important step in creating positive energy and accumulating it in your life. When you are tired, try to get rid of garbage on your desk or office first. Getting rid of unnecessary things will help you to be energetic and get ready for work.

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