7 methods to help stay energetic and productive


1. Get rid of unnecessary things.

Getting rid of unnecessary things is an important step in creating positive energy and accumulating it in your life. When you are tired, try to get rid of garbage on your desk or office first. Getting rid of unnecessary things will help you to be energetic and get ready for work.

2. Proper focus of attention.

What we pay attention to creates our reality. If you focus on noise, it “absorbs” all the attention, as well as energy. Learn to focus on the things that help you relax.

For example, to relieve stress, focus on an object (an apple or a book). It is better to choose an object of green or blue color. These colors are very good for the eyes because they have a calming effect. Look carefully at the object, study the color and structure. You will notice how your thoughts become free and you are filled with energy. This method will help to quickly adjust the brain to work effectively. Also, turn off all gadgets while eating and enjoy your meal. These practices will help you learn to focus on the present moment. When you learn to notice small pleasant things, you will gain energy for new achievements.

3. Relaxing bedroom.

Electromagnetic fields have a negative effect on a person and cause lethargy, headaches and malaise. If your energy level is low, try to remove electrical appliances in your bedroom (laptops, TVs, mobile phones, electric alarm clocks). All this does not promote rest, as it stimulates brain activity and disturbs sleep. Also choose bedding that is not brightly colored (such as white, olive, or blue). The most important thing is that you feel calm and comfortable in the bedroom.

4. Ability to say “no”.

If you constantly say “yes” when you want to say “no”, you are wasting your energy. As a result, you feel lethargic and your self-esteem decreases. In order not to waste your energy, always find a balance in communication and listen to yourself. Imagine how you will feel when you begin to respect your needs.

5. Defining a clear goal.

Realizing what you want to achieve, you focus on it. At the same time, the obstacles that come your way do not frighten you. Because a clear goal directs energy in the right direction, it helps to solve all problems quickly. A goal related to your values ​​and meaning in life can help you overcome stress.

6. Ability to thank.

Focus on what you can thank the world for. Try to find pleasant moments in your life every day and give thanks for them. In this way, you will change your life experience and learn to be filled with positive energy.

7. Sleep.

To be filled with energy, a person needs not just sleep, but sleep at night. This is a biological need of the body, because the production of melatonin is closely related to the level of light. The hormone is produced in sufficient quantities only at night. Studies show that at night its concentration in the blood exceeds the day 30 times. When a person gets enough sleep, the body is filled with energy and strength for the whole day. Otherwise, do not expect this. But, if for some reason you can’t sleep at night (for example, you work a night shift), take Waklert or Artvigil. These are safe medicines to help you be productive and energetic!