1. Lemon.

Lemon tea is a great way to cheer up after waking up. Lemon has excellent moisturizing properties that help maintain the required fluid level in the body and prevent dehydration. You can also eat lemon slices, or make lemon water and drink it when you feel drowsy. A bright citrus like lemon will relieve fatigue better than other fruits. If this fruit is too sour for you, just inhale the fresh aroma of lemon, which will also relieve fatigue.

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1. Listen to your body.

Every day of any person is an alternation of increase and decrease of energy. It is impossible to be constantly active throughout the working day. So, for better performance, you need to listen to your body and pause when your strength is exhausted.

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1. Walking.

This sport directly affects productivity. For example, if you learn foreign words while walking, they are better remembered. In addition, walking stimulates the development of imagination and creativity. It doesn’t matter where you walk: on a treadmill or in a green park. In both cases, walking helps you think outside the box and makes you more productive.

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