4 habits that reduce productivity

1. Morning bustle.

Each of us had days when we barely had time to brush our teeth in the morning to get to the office on time. When you start such a day, you do not give your brain the time needed to rest and prepare for work. As a result, you have reduced productivity throughout the day.

Try to wake up 10-20 minutes earlier and ideally start your day with meditation. Moreover, nowadays, with gadgets and relevant applications, it is not so difficult to start work on time. Studies have shown that people who practiced meditation were more productive throughout the day.

2. Lack of breakfast.

Many people do not eat breakfast in the morning. They say they are in a hurry in the morning or do not feel hungry. This beginning of the day is unfavorable for the body. As a result, many people experience fatigue, lethargy, and sometimes irritability in the morning. This is because your basic nutritional needs remind you of yourself. After all, with proper nutrition you get enough energy to maintain the vital functions and efficiency of the body.

Breakfast in the morning is the key to increasing productivity during the day, especially if your breakfast consists of natural foods with the presence of protein, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain energy in your body. For example, foods rich in vitamin B (oatmeal, bananas, pineapples, avocados) increase the level of concentration.

3. You perform easy tasks at the beginning of the day.

Often people decide to solve all the easy tasks first, and then – difficult, especially if you are very afraid of difficulties in performing difficult tasks. You decide to solve them in a few days or even weeks.

Scientists have proven that it is better to solve complex problems first. At this time, the brain copes better with difficulties and is most focused. Creating to-do lists for the day is the best helper in setting priorities for current tasks. Everyone has their own style of compiling such a list, so choose the one that suits you. The main thing is consistent execution of cases. Even if there are too many of them, focus on one of them, and until you finish it, do not be distracted.

4. Social networks.

This is also an important and time consuming point. Modern man often checks social media messages. We do this subconsciously at least more than once a day. As a rule, these “checks” end with a meaningless viewing of news feeds on social networks.

Many people remove social media tabs from browsers in the workplace or, as with mail, turn off notifications of new messages. This should reduce the amount of uncontrolled viewing of social media news during working hours. This will help you focus on work and be more productive.

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