5 sports that will help you be more productive

1. Walking.

This sport directly affects productivity. For example, if you learn foreign words while walking, they are better remembered. In addition, walking stimulates the development of imagination and creativity. It doesn’t matter where you walk: on a treadmill or in a green park. In both cases, walking helps you think outside the box and makes you more productive.

2. Aerobics.

Aerobics can greatly increase the time you are able to focus. This sport teaches you to ignore distractions, perform various tasks faster and store information in memory longer. In old age, simple aerobic exercise helps protect the brain from dementia and slow the development of dementia.

3. Strength training.

They help improve concentration and cognitive function, make people more balanced, reduce anxiety and improve health. Like aerobic exercise, strength training slows down the aging process of the brain and slows down the rate of damage to the white matter of the brain.

4. Running.

This sport improves mood, promotes the growth of new brain cells, helps to better remember memories and increases productivity. Running is also an effective tool for overcoming depression, no less effective than the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

5. Yoga.

Yoga helps to cope with stress. When your anxiety level rises, you feel anxious, your heart rate increases, and your ability to concentrate decreases. Your body is under a lot of stress, but that doesn’t mean you have absolutely no control over it. Yoga teaches intentional control of one’s movements and breathing to relax the body. As a result, you will learn to concentrate and be more productive.

You will be most productive if you train for a relatively long time in the morning and do short simple exercises during the day. Prolonged strenuous training is not required to increase productivity.

According to most researchers, to increase productivity you need to perform daily exercises for 30 minutes.

If you have already decided what kind of sport you will do, pay attention to specialized sports facilities. Maybe the sports facility of your dreams is right next door. In such facilities you can practice cycling, various types of yoga, Argentine tango, Cuban salsa, kizomba, capoeira, taekwondo or gymnastics. Also pay attention to group training in the parks. You can train, dance or do yoga outdoors.

If you absolutely do not have enough time, and there are no sports clubs or forests or parks nearby, then the best option for you is to take Armod or Artvigil. They contain different formulations of Modafinil that acts in a similar way, but may be more effective in some patients. These medications indirectly block the reuptake of dopamine in the brain to promote wakefulness and clarity of thinking. Unlike other stimulants that affect the central nervous system, Armodafinil does not inhibit motor function, allowing you to carry on about your day with increased focus and energy to accomplish your tasks.