6 ways to increase your efficiency


We live in a time of information overload. Rapid thinking has become a constant companion of active citizens. As a result, we get an inability to concentrate and reduced efficiency. To be effective throughout the day, follow these guidelines.

1. Eat enough, but do not overeat.

Studies have shown that overeating reduces a person’s ability to work. When overeating in the body, cytochrome enzymes change their functioning. This can have unpleasant consequences for the decision-making process and impair memory development. You need to eat often, but the main thing is to take a break between meals for at least three hours. This diet will not only have a beneficial effect on your efficiency, but also significantly improve your health.

2. Relax your brain.

Try to do a simple but very effective exercise every three hours. Set the timer for one or three minutes, and sit with your eyes closed during this time. Start the “countdown” of seconds – from 180 to zero. Your brain will be busy with the simplest process of counting, and closed eyes will not allow you to be distracted by external stimuli. You will be surprised how such a short rest will increase your efficiency.

You can also relax your brain by fingering small things. The main thing is that what you do was simple and did not require concentration. The simplest children’s games for the development of fine motor skills are ideal.

3. Massage.

To increase efficiency during the day, ear massage will help. This massage soothes, relieves pain, activates the brain and improves vision. At the same time, massage has a positive effect on the prevention of hypertension and insomnia.

Gently massage the ears, paying special attention to the earlobes. Stroking and light pressure on the temple will be a great addition to this massage. As a result, your brain will respond to this activation of neurons, activating attention and relieving fatigue.

4. Eat “healthy” carbohydrates.

We all know very well how sweetness has a beneficial effect on our mood. Always eat dried fruits during the working day – they will help increase efficiency and relieve fatigue. But, do not overdo it so that the body gets a snack, not lunch. Just eat a few raisins and drink a glass of cool water and you will be filled with energy.

5. Use color and aromatherapy.

The brain is well stimulated by the yellow color. It tones and invigorates, encourages and improves mental performance. Color is perceived primarily by sight, but is unconsciously absorbed through the skin, muscles, and even bones.

Also, do not neglect aromatherapy – all citrus fruits have an activating effect on the brain. Just remember to use natural aroma oils regularly.

6. Artvigil and Waklert.

These medications are indirect dopamine receptor agonists that prevent the reuptake of this type of neurotransmitter, increasing its presence in the brain. This increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration which allows you to tackle and accomplish your tasks much more easily.