6 simple, affordable ways to increase your productivity

1. Meditation.

Meditation can include different exercises for each person. These are mostly calm, purposeful breathing exercises that will help you achieve peace of mind. Studies have shown that meditation has a beneficial effect on the brain itself. Memory, concentration and many other brain functions can be improved through regular meditation.

2. Exercises for the brain.

The brain, like other parts of the human body, needs regular exercise to maintain strength and increase vitality. Solving crossword puzzles or sudoku, as well as all kinds of alphanumeric puzzles has a beneficial effect on the development of our brain. Of course, there are more complex exercises related, for example, to spatial geometry. If all of the above does not seem very interesting to you, try other options for “exercises”. For example, start brushing your teeth and combing your hair with the other hand. Eventually, all these actions will make your brain work harder and your productivity will be at a high level.

3. Good sleep.

At night, the brain is busy “classifying” the information that got into the appropriate “folders” for the day. It moves important information from short-term to long-term memory. Sleep problems negatively affect all brain functions. Thus, a good night’s sleep improves your ability to concentrate, increases the functionality of your brain and increases your productivity.

4. Train your brain.

Doing the same thing day after day makes it difficult to focus on new things. Memory weakens, concentration and productivity decrease.

To prevent this from happening, the brain must train. Exercising the brain is very simple, but at the same time incredibly effective.

For example, you can try to learn to distinguish coins by touch. Exercise is especially useful when you are waiting for someone or something. As a result, time passes faster and waiting becomes less boring. You can also try watching TV without sound. Mute the TV and try to play a dialogue or monologue while looking at the picture. If you do this exercise with friends, it will be very comical and interesting.

Regular exercise will help develop your concentration and alertness. As a result, you will become more productive.

5. Avoid stress.

Don’t do many things at once. Complete each started task without being distracted by extraneous factors. If the work does not allow you to perform only one task, make a schedule of priority tasks and perform it only at the appointed time.

6. Take Modalert or Modavigil.

These are medicines containing the unique active ingredient called Modafinil. Modafinil used to improve efficiency and productivity at work, boost brainpower and mental performance. Modafinil is a nonprescription medicine helping people keep the highest reaction rate and former concentration level after just 3 — 4 hours of sleep. And now you can buy Modafinil online through our store!