6 ways to boost your immunity and be energetic in the winter

1. Take a hot bath with pine essential oils.

Hot baths with pine essential oils can detoxify the body and speed up the transport of oxygen to the cells. Previously, this method of rehabilitation was used in sanatoriums as rehabilitation after serious illness. In today’s world, hot tubs are a fairly simple and effective way to relax, get more energetic and boost your immunity. Experts recommend taking hot baths at night at least once a week.

2. Do a home back and neck massage.

Studies show that needle applicators are able to regulate hormone levels by affecting nerve endings. The body will first feel a burning sensation, and then there is a feeling of warmth and complete relaxation of the muscles. Self-massage of the neck with the help of hands and balls with spikes is also very useful. Massage for 7-10 minutes – and you will have a healthy complexion, energy and calm again.

3. Walk a lot (especially in coniferous forests).

The benefits of hiking are obvious, but few people know that forest routes can saturate the body with substances that are absent in the urban environment. For example, coniferous air contains 2-3 times more volatiles than deciduous forests. This substance is a natural antibiotic that improves the condition of the lungs and bronchi. It has been scientifically proven that people who live permanently near the forest are less likely to catch colds and viral diseases. Walking in such an area can make you energetic for a long time.

4. Exercise several times a week.

During sports, neurotransmitters and hormones are produced, which improves mood and increases energy. You will not only begin to feel happiness and satisfaction; you will feel in control of your life.

In winter you can train outdoors. Such training is much more beneficial than indoor training. The choice of winter sports is very diverse – sledding, skiing, skating, snowboarding, hockey. It is very important that fresh air perfectly stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, and this helps maintain the health of the whole body.

For example, sledding is not only fun for children, but also a great way to keep fit. During the descent or ascent – the body receives the necessary cardio. As a result, blood pressure is normalized, heart muscles are strengthened and calories are burned. Sledding is also an excellent antidepressant that stimulates the production of the hormone of happiness.

5. Proper sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprivation increases the risk of colds. During sleep, the immune system synthesizes proteins called cytokines that help fight viruses. But if a person sleeps little, then there is no time to produce cytokines. During sleep, the body’s resources are restored and blood cells are renewed, which means that the functioning of your entire body improves.

6. Take Armod or Waklert.

They contain a different formulation of Modafinil that acts in a similar way, but may be more effective in some patients. These medications indirectly block the reuptake of dopamine in the brain to promote wakefulness and clarity of thinking. Unlike other stimulants that affect the central nervous system, Armodafinil does not inhibit motor function, allowing you to carry on about your day with increased focus and energy to accomplish your tasks.