8 ways to be energetic in the spring

1. Add light.

The main reason for the lack of energy is the lack of sunlight, so make the most of daylight and walk in the fresh air. If possible, spend time in the woods or by the river. It is also important to increase the light level in the apartment – let your light bulbs shine as brightly as possible.

2. Surround yourself with bright spring colors.

Place a dish with juicy fruits or lemons and apples on the table. Add fresh colors to the interior – buy or sew bright decorative pillows, tablecloths, towels. Decorate your everyday look with accessories – a bright scarf, a colorful bag and a manicure will help you have a spring mood.

3. Move more.

Take a walk in the fresh air, start going to the gym. Exercise promotes the production of the hormone of joy, strengthens the immune system, helps to overcome fatigue and drowsiness. Also, if you do not have time to visit fitness centers, do exercise in the morning. Morning exercise will give you energy and good mood for the whole day. Also set aside 10 minutes for meditation at the beginning of each day. It will give you harmony, love and confidence in the future.

In the spring, physical activity increases, but remember that the body is weakened, and excessive exercise can be harmful. So, properly distribute your strength and combine a healthy diet with light exercise.

4. Pay attention to your diet.

Do not overload the body with too fatty foods. Eat more vegetables; include cereals, dried fruits, dairy products, fish and nuts in your menu. Drink freshly squeezed juices and be sure to increase your water intake, preferably with lemon. If necessary, buy a special complex of vitamins and minerals and help your body in this way.

5. Start planning a vacation.

Consider the offers of travel companies, book a hotel and buy tickets in advance. This will help you prepare for the holidays. The anticipation of a future trip will best affect your mood. Create a visualization map from photos of your favorite city or country. The picture and dreams inspire every day.

6. Get enough sleep.

Make it a rule to go to bed at the same time every day and get a good night’s sleep. Be sure to ventilate the room before bed or sleep with the window open. Before going to bed it is useful to take a relaxing bath with sea salt, infusion or decoction of soothing herbs.

If for some reason you can’t get enough sleep, take modafinil (such as Waklert or Armod). These medications will help you be energetic and vigorous.

7. Add more flavors.

Surround yourself with pleasant aromas, because we largely perceive the world through smells. Perfectly invigorates the smell of ground coffee, tangerines, fir, etc. Use an aroma lamp and several bottles of tonic aromatic oils. They will maintain a positive mood and fill with energy.

8. Start doing what you dreamed of.

Right now, when the mood is not yet at the highest level, start doing what you have long dreamed of. Sign up for courses, start renovations, have a friendly party. You will be fascinated by the new activity, and you will no longer depend on the weather outside.

The main thing is to start following these tips resolutely and not to postpone it until tomorrow. As soon as you feel the new spring energy, you will definitely not want to be sad until next December.