The best ways to get rid of stress. Part 1

In today’s dynamic world, people are trying to make a thousand things at a time. It is not surprising that at this pace all people are in constant tension, and not so much physical as nervous. The body experiences constant stress, which, of course, must be eliminated. That is why today’s article is about this – the best ways to relieve stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a condition of a person that is caused by various factors. The causes of stress can be various: cold, hunger, lack of sleep, scare, late work, traveling to another country, buying a home, quarreling with a loved one and more other things. An oppressed state, a feeling of fear or anxiety, sadness or apathy can lead to the fact that a person becomes even more susceptible to other factors affecting the psyche.

Stress can lead to temporary mood worsening, decreased mental and physical performance, apathy, decreased productivity at work and in daily life. If stress is prolonged, it can lead to severe depressive states, which can be overcome only with the help of complex treatment and specialist advice. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of stress in a timely manner and not let it flow into protracted depression. We offer seven effective ways to do this effortlessly.

1. Focus

If you have been suffering from a problem for a long time but it is not possible to solve it, postpone it for later. Don’t go away from the problem at all – sooner or later it still needs to be addressed. But if you can’t handle the situation right now, switch and abstract. Then you can look at the situation with a new look, and the decision will come.

2. Relax

Yes, just banal rest will be effective. Turn off the phones, hang the curtains and finally get sleep. Fatigue can be not only physical but also psychological. For example, if you are rushing yourself to think about an unresolved situation, your brain is literally “boiling” and cannot make adequate decisions. A full-fledged sleep and rest for a day or even a few hours will free you from bad thoughts. Think about everything you can, but later. At this point, you need a break. No wonder they say that “the morning is wiser than evening” and, after resting, you will return to the current situation and be able to find a solution for the problem.

3. Get into art therapy

Yes, there is such an official term – “art therapy”. To understand what it is, think of long classes at school or at university. What did you do then? We can argue, you drew on a desk or in an exercise book. This is all about one thing: that our brains wanted to relax and abstract themselves from lectures or questions from teachers. All of these drawings are created by your subconscious. Why is this happening? Psychologists have come to believe that coloring pictures or drawing, which lasts at least a few minutes, relieves psychological stress. You can not only draw but also embroider or knit, craft products, admire the decoupage, in short, do whatever you like. Creating beautiful will work well for your head.

We’ll cover other tips in the next article!