5 foods that reduce clarity of thinking

If you start to notice that you often forget something, you find it difficult to concentrate, you may need to change your diet, as this may be due to food that negatively affects the brain.

Of course, the main function of the foods we eat is to give us energy and fill the body with all the necessary components for the efficient functioning of all internal systems. But with food we get not only useful elements, but also those that prevent the body from performing many important functions.

Let’s consider the main foods of our daily diet that reduce clarity of mind.

1. Salt.

With excessive salt intake, the concentration of sodium in the blood approaches a critical level. As a result, the transmission of nerve impulses is complicated, and brain function is disrupted. Instead of salt, you can add fresh and dried herbs to your favorite dishes, as well as various spices such as pepper, ginger, turmeric and others. This will not only allow you to get new taste sensations, but also bring significant benefits to the body and increase clarity of thinking.

2. Sugar.

According to modern dietetics, it is much more useful and effective to eat complex carbohydrates, such as cereals or whole grains. When they break down, they feed the brain without causing significant changes in blood sugar, which leads to impaired attention. Remember that sugar is found in unexpected foods such as muesli, bread and sauces. Try replacing sugar with more nutritious foods for better clarity of thinking.

3. Animal fats.

Animal fats contain a large amount of low-density cholesterol, which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and leads to the formation of atherosclerosis. Blockage of blood vessels disrupts blood circulation to the brain, which, of course, affects its functioning and can lead to decreased clarity of thinking.

It is recommended to eat more vegetable fats, which are very good for the brain. Fatty pork steaks are best eaten no more than once a month. In this way you can maintain not only a good waist, but also clarity of thinking.

4. Alcohol.

According to statistics, every second person drinks alcohol from time to time. But even a small amount of it causes vasospasm and blocks brain processes. Inhibition, slurred speech and poor coordination are the consequences of drinking alcohol.

Alcohol changes the level of substances called neurotransmitters, which are responsible for transmitting nerve impulses from neurons directly to muscles. Thus, in a state of intoxication, a person cannot control himself. With regular alcohol consumption, brain activity deteriorates and clarity of thinking decreases.

5. Products with a long shelf life.

Absolutely all products with a long shelf life, including various sausages, chips, semi-finished purees, contain many chemicals. All these substances affect the whole body and the brain in particular.

Abuse of these products can lead to irreversible consequences in the body. Therefore, we recommend that you include as many vegetables, cereals and lean meats in your diet instead of sausages and semi-finished products.

If you change your diet and your condition has not changed, try taking Artvigil or Waklert. These medications are an indirect dopamine receptor agonist that prevent the reuptake of this type of neurotransmitter by increasing its presence in the brain. This increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration which allows you to tackle and accomplish your tasks much more easily.