7 tips to increase your productivity

1. Make a plan for the week.

Plan your work day, taking into account all the breaks. Clearly define the time you will need to complete a task.

2. Don’t think about work at home.

It is from the moment you leave the office that the period begins that you can (and sometimes even force yourself) to devote only to your desires. If you have nothing to do, and books, music do not encourage, it is better to just do nothing. In this case, think of something pleasant, such as where you will spend the weekend. Try to use this time for yourself.

3. Create a pleasant ritual.

Perform your ritual every time you come home. Because it is important to establish positive associations with your own home. Talk to your family (but not about work), walk your dog, take a bath or watch your favorite TV show. If you have no incentive to return home, create it artificially. Try to convince yourself that its importance is several times greater than the importance of unfinished tasks at work, which can be solved in the morning. Over time, this will become a habit, and you can easily enjoy both work and leisure.

4. Make promises.

Making promises will be another incentive not to do work at home. Do not upset your child if you promised to walk with him in the evening. Don’t let your friends down if you promise to meet. A lesson with a coach, a lesson with a tutor or a meeting in the salon are also promises that must be kept.

5. Turn off your cell phone at night.

If you can, turn off all your devices and warn your colleagues that you will not respond to their messages outside business hours. Leave the phone in another room while you sleep, or switch it to “night mode”. This should be done so as not to wake up from each incoming message. You will be surprised, but when you wake up in the morning, nothing catastrophic will happen to your work.

6. Realize the importance of sleep.

If you are constantly sleep deprived due to thoughts about work, try to change your priorities. Just set a time when you go to bed. Stop working and do not use the phone an hour before. You can spend this hour talking to your family, or you can brush your teeth early and read a book.

Too often, sleep deprivation is due to the fact that a person goes to bed late and gets up early. Prioritization helps to improve your health. Give sleep the highest priority. If this is not possible now, use Armod or Modalert, they will help to be energetic all day.

7. On weekends, go to the forest or to the river.

This paragraph applies primarily to those who work remotely. Because when the office is at home, you are constantly at work.

Changing places helps to completely forget about work. It is worth spending one day away from home – and thanks to new experiences, the weekend will be interesting and help to be productive and energetic. Go to new places and learn about new things.