10 ways to get rid of insomnia


1. Go to bed at the same time every day.

For most people, this is very difficult. But over time, the body gets used to this rhythm. An adult needs to sleep at least 7-9 hours. For a good night’s sleep you need to go to bed on time – no later than midnight.

2. Before going to bed, do not browse social networks and do not use gadgets

Information from social networks is often negative, it excites the psyche and causes emotions that cannot be combined with healthy sleep. In addition, the light of the mobile phone screen does not allow the brain to calm down.

3. Leave your smartphone away from the bed

If you wake up in the middle of the night and browse social networks, you will wake up immediately and will not be able to fall asleep until morning.

4. Dim the light two hours before bedtime

In the past, people did not suffer from insomnia because the sun controlled their life cycle. They woke up at dawn and fell asleep shortly after dusk. With the advent of electricity, natural cycles were disrupted. Therefore, it is better to use minimal lighting in the evening. In the absence of light, the body will fall asleep.

5. Do not drink any stimulant drinks in the evening

Psychoactive substances that can interfere with quality sleep include not only caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, but also tea, cocoa, cola and even chocolate.

6. Do not eat at night

Before going to bed, you should not eat foods such as meat, fatty and fried foods, much less overeat. But you should not go to bed hungry. Fruits, vegetables, yogurt are the best choice for a snack at bedtime.

7. Go in for sports

For maximum effectiveness, it is best to plan exercise in the morning or afternoon.

8. Take a walk before bed

Walking, light training and meditation in the fresh air will help you fall asleep quickly. The optimal walking time should be at least 40 minutes. According to statistics, 80 percent of people who breathe fresh air in the evening fall asleep within 10 minutes.

9. Meditate

This method of self-regulation calms, relaxes and reduces obsessive thoughts that interfere with sleep. You can start with breathing exercises. It is best to breathe deeply and slowly before bed. So, the body goes into a kind of trance, the muscles relax, and the person falls into a deep sleep.

10. Control the level of melatonin in the body.

Melatonin is a substance produced by the gland in the brain. It is called the “hormone of sleep and youth” because it directly affects sleep and sleep quality. Lack of melatonin leads to insomnia.

In addition, melatonin slows down aging and prolongs life, and has the ability to reduce muscle pain. In the evening, you should refrain from using gadgets, because their light interferes with its production. It is best if melatonin is produced naturally, but many people take supplements with this substance. Such drugs can be taken only on prescription.

But if you do not get enough sleep, but need to go to work and be energetic and productive, take Artvigil or Modavigil. These nonprescription medicine helping people keep the highest reaction rate and former concentration level after just 3 – 4 hours of sleep.