Why should women sleep more than men?

Women are very different from men, but one of the biggest differences is the need for sleep. It has been scientifically proven that women need more sleep than men. The need for sleep is not due to habits or personal whims, but biological factors.

When women do not get enough sleep, they gradually become more nervous and less productive. Lack of sleep is harmful to the body in the short and long term. Due to lack of sleep, concentration decreases, memory deteriorates. Let’s consider four main reasons why women need to sleep a little longer.

1. A woman’s brain is a little more complicated.

The structure of the nerve connections in a woman’s brain is more complex than in the male. For this reason, women are naturally prone to multitasking and make decisions much faster. However, all this leads to a huge loss of energy. Thus, the number of hours of sleep required to recuperate in women is not comparable to that of men. This does not mean that men are lazy or retarded. As it turned out, in men, each hemisphere of the brain works alternately, and in women both at the same time. Because of this, women almost always solve several issues at once. Therefore, scientists recommend that women sleep 1 hour longer.

Thanks to good sleep, women remain productive and experience less fatigue and irritability during the PMS phase. Studies show that a man’s brain is not as active as a woman’s. Thus, recovery takes less time than a woman’s brain. The daily sleep rate for men is 6-8 hours, but with sound sleep without frequent awakenings. It is better for women to sleep 7-9 hours. But if you still sleep little, and need to be energetic and productive, take Armod or Modalert. These are safe drugs that will help you work effectively.

2. Women are more vulnerable.

It is harder for women to tolerate poor sleep than for men. They become irritable and depressed. In combination with a more receptive nervous system, this leads to sleep disturbances. Another negative consequence is that the quality of night rest can affect blood clotting. The male circulatory and nervous systems are stronger and less sensitive to insomnia.

3. Night sleep affects intelligence.

Studies show that the longer a woman sleeps, the higher her IQ. But in men such a pattern was not found. Sleep is extremely important for memory at all stages – from creating memories to storing them. All of these processes are complex and difficult to perform for the brain, which suffers from insomnia. Lack of sleep impairs the quality of learning, the ability to create new memories. Thus, without getting enough sleep, women will not be able to concentrate during the day.

4. Sleep restores the body during PMS.

During the PMS phase, women have low levels of melatonin, a hormone that helps normalize sleep. Therefore, women need to increase the duration and quality of sleep during this period. Women also need to protect their mental and emotional health by increasing the duration of sleep.

Lack of sleep can contribute to the development of many serious diseases: diabetes, stroke, oncology. But you need to understand that too much sleep also has its negative consequences. It is as dangerous to health as sleep deprivation. Most likely, you will not feel refreshed if you sleep more than 10 hours.