5 rules of nutrition for people with chronic fatigue

1. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach.

“Awakening hormone” and “stress hormone” cortisol are actively produced in the morning from 7 to 9 o’clock. A cup of coffee increases its level and increases the activity of the body. The temporary invigorating effect disappears after 1-2 hours, and you become even more tired. Caffeine stimulates our nervous system. Thus, when drinking this drink in large quantities, the feeling of irritation will be all day.

2. Breakfast should be healthy.

The energy level is strongly influenced by the first breakfast. Do not eat sweets or very fatty foods. According to biorhythms, the body in the morning is at the stage of awakening, restoration of active functioning of all systems, detoxification. So, the best thing to do at this point is to help him, not add extra work. It is very useful to eat fruits and nuts 20-30 minutes after a morning glass of water to normalize bowel function. Fiber eaten during the first meal starts the cleansing process, improves peristalsis. This food does not cause significant changes in sugar levels due to vegetable fats. Proper breakfast will help reduce fatigue during the day.

3. Small snacks after dinner.

After about 15 o`clock in the body begins a natural decline in activity. This is not related to lunch or overeating. At this time, the activity naturally decreases. Therefore, it is important to prepare the right snack, such as dark chocolate, nuts, coffee or green tea. As a result, energy levels will be restored and you will be able to continue the day more productively.

4. Have dinner until 20:30.

It is not useful to eat at night, because in this case the body is not functioning properly, and over time you may gain weight. In any case, try to have dinner 4 hours before bedtime, but no later than 20:30. According to biorhythms, the body no longer absorbs new foods, but accumulates strength and starts the process of digestion of everything eaten during the day. As a result of a late dinner, in the morning you will have a state as after drinking a few glasses of wine. This condition further exacerbates chronic fatigue.

5. Have fasting days.

With chronic fatigue, it is useful to arrange detox days several times a month. On this day, do not limit the diet to water, juices or soups. The menu on such days depends on the symptoms, existing diseases and even the seasons. It is best to create such a menu individually for the patient. But there is a general recommendation plan for such a day. For example, once a week you can arrange a completely vegetarian day, which will significantly improve well-being and add energy. On such days, fill your diet with foods rich in protein and fiber, and reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a minimum. With regular fasting days there is an improvement in the condition of the skin, reducing the risk of liver and gallbladder pathologies

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