Where to get vital energy and how to save it? 10 Ways to Save Your Energy

1. Consider your biorhythms.

    Of course, it is very difficult to adjust the work schedule for your biorhythms, but you can make some adjustments. If you take into account the characteristics of your body, it will be much easier to perform the task. Plan your day so that important things need to be done for the hours of your activity. Besides, pay attention to what hours you feel a decrease in energy.

2. Try to get enough sleep.

    Are you used to falling asleep late? This is one of the reasons for constant fatigue. The body does not have enough time to recover, so, you feel overtired. The hope that you can get enough sleep on the weekend is self-deception. Thus, try to plan the day so that you sleep 7-8 hours.

For a certain period of time you can use modafinil (such as Armod or Waklert). It will help you be energetic and focused after a sleepless night.

3. Rest and relax.

     Spend the weekend with family and friends, forget about work these days. Doing meditation is a great way to relax. Do not want to meditate — learn to listen to silence. This lesson is soothing.

4. Half an hour of sports daily.

    It may even be a simple walk, but it will help the body relax. During exercise, the metabolism improves and you feel active and energetic.

5. Review your menu.

    Instead of filling the plate with simple carbohydrates, take more proteins. Proteins also maintain blood glucose levels, which mean that before lunch you will not feel hungry and will be full of strength and energy. By the way, “energy” products include, for example, meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, and nuts. But, keep in mind: you need to eat them not when you want, but according to certain hours. Random snacking leads to overeating and drowsiness.

6. Do not forget about the breaks.

     Is it a hard day at work? Do short breaks. Close your eyes and do breathing exercises. By relaxing, you will reduce stress and reduce muscle tension. Such a respite will help you stay calm even on busy days.

7. Constant fatigue.

   Make sure that the chronic fatigue is not caused by health problems. As a rule, severe pain causes us to turn to doctors, but we perceive fatigue as a something ordinary. In fact, the reason may is more serious than you think. Thus, do not delay the visit to the doctor.

8. Surround yourself with positive people.

   If you communicate with pessimists, this may affect you. Try to avoid talking to people who cause you depression and frustration. Or you can influence them by raising their spirits. Being active for such a person is a problem, so help him! Draw his attention to the pleasant aspects of life.

9. Invigorating aromas.

You will need aromatic oils. Lemon and mandarin stimulate people to work. An aromatherapy session is appropriate at any time, and even in the workplace. Some colleagues may not be like the aroma lamp, but ordinary tea with lemon will not annoy anyone. Instead of the fruit itself, you can add a couple drops of its essential oil to the drink.

10. In the evening, after work, do not “relax” in front of the TV.

    Watching TV shows does not allow the brain to relax. It is better to take a warm shower, and then listen to invigorating music. Water will give a feeling of freshness, and a rhythmic melody will cheer you up. Before going to bed, drink herbal tea, read a book, and tomorrow you will be full of strength and energy.