How to be healthy and active? P2


In the previous article, we began to understand what simple but effective tips will help us stay healthy and beautiful. Let’s continue!

General tips:

  • 1) personal hygiene, thorough washing of fruits and vegetables before their use, prevents the entry of bacteria and microbes into the body;
  • 2) regular taking a bath rejuvenates the body, removes acne and blackheads from the skin, removes toxins and lactic acid from the body;
  • 3) do not self-medicate. Only a well-trained doctor will be able to determine what and how to treat;
  • 4) you need to breathe fresh air for good functioning nervous system. To do this, it is necessary to maintain a microclimate in the home: cleanliness, flowers, normal room temperature. Frequent stay in nature not only calms the nervous system, but also cleans the airways.

Exercise Tips:

  • 1) physical exercises, walking and cycling, classes on sports fields, etc. should become systematic;
  • 2) getting to work or market on foot will be a good idea to saturate the tissues with oxygen and blood;
  • 3) taking a contrast shower will do the “gymnastics” of the vessels.


As fuel for a car, so food for a person is vital. Certain requirements are imposed on food and its consumption for the good health:

  • 1) for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to chew food slowly and carefully;
  • 2) fried foods are unhealthy;
  • 3) vitamins and minerals maximally retain when food is cooking steamed;
  • 4) the body needs polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prolong youth and improve well-being. These substances are in sufficient quantities in fish. Therefore, the presence of fish dishes in the diet is simply necessary;
  • 5) sea kale helps to cleanse the body. Eat it at least 100 g per day;
  • 6) the more vegetables and salads you eat, the better for the body;
  • 7) buckwheat, oatmeal, rice porridge on the water are the best breakfasts for the gastrointestinal tract;
  • 8) minimum consumption of sugar, salt and other spices is recommended;
  • 9) in case of obesity, green tea is useful to prevent skin aging and inflammatory processes, to reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases. It contains nutrients, beneficial vitamins and minerals;
  • 10) red meat causes aging the body. And actually, any meat should be consumed as little as possible;
  • 11) black bread with the addition of whole grains or bran is much healthier than white;
  • 12) local vegetables and fruits are better absorbed by the body than imported from the other country.


In the health system, mood plays a significant role. It is impossible to be completely healthy in a bad mood. And for good mood you need a little:

  • 1) no need to bring yourself to a depressed state and severe stress. Fear, envy, anger, negative thinking can lead to these conditions. The result of such manifestations will be a decrease in immunity and a myriad of various diseases. You can avoid all this by good communication with relatives and friends;
  • 2) hobby is an excellent source of good mood;
  • 3) reading books, solving crossword puzzles – this is “gymnastics for the mind”, helping to maintain good spirits and well-being for many years.