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In December 2017, 7.6 billion people lived on Earth. Of these, only 326.8 million can be attributed to the number of absolutely healthy, that is, those people whose body retains its best condition, regardless of environmental changes. In healthy people, vitality indicators and qualitative characteristics are within the established framework, the body is functioning normally.

There are a lot of factors that negatively affect human health. These include:

  • some percentage of “bad genetics”;
  • the impact of the environment – chemical, physical, biological factors (up to 20%);
  • Poor medical care.

But, more than 50% of human health depends on his lifestyle. What he wants to be is what he is.

Good Health Recipes

Maintaining the healthy lifestyle makes a person healthy and beautiful. The following factors are fundamental to good health:

  1. life without bad habits that destroy health. These include: malnutrition, smoking, alcohol, drugs, smoking mixes, internet addiction or gambling;
  2. good sleep;
  3. lack of stress;
  4. fresh air;
  5. moderately physical activity.

New lifestyle

To give up bad habits, to start a new life sometimes seems like impossible task. But in fact, there is nothing complicated about this. The first thing to do is set a specific goal and overcome laziness. Make the necessary changes to the daily routine. The goal should be stimulated by the opinion that it is necessary for health, happiness, joy, it is for the benefit of yourself, your family. A healthy lifestyle can help to achieve a lot: career growth, saving money (no need to spend money on hospitals, smoking, and alcohol).

To switch to a new lifestyle will take some time, some a couple of weeks, someone maybe a couple of months. But over time, everything will become familiar and will be performs automatically. You will be wonder: and why I did not do it before?

After making such an important decision, do not forget to make periodic visits to the doctor. Medical examinations, doctor’s advice will not be superfluous to maintain health. Sometimes, your doctor may recommend some medications to keep you active, such as modafinil (Artvigil, Modalert or Modavigil). It is very convenient when you need to increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration after a sleepless night or overly busy day.

Health without drugs and sanatoriums

Health is impossible to buy for any money. But, following some very simple tips and rules, you can live a long healthy and happy life.

General tips:

  • a person who is well asleep, is feeling well, is in a good mood. With constant lack of sleep, the body’s immune function decreases, various diseases develop. To prevent this from happening, you must observe the sleep regimen. You need to go to bed “before the end of this day”. It is recommended to sleep 8 hours;
  • to protect against the effects of pathogenic infections, microbes, bacteria, it is necessary to constantly strengthen the immune system.

Look for the next interesting and important recommendations in the next article!