The significance of sleep in a woman’s life


The reality is that sleeping time takes up almost a third of a person’s life. That is, if a person lived for 60 years, then he spent twenty of them in a dream.

What is a dream? This is the physiological state of the body and the state of consciousness. When a sleep state occurs, all reactions slow down. Brain activity almost ceases to work. The body and consciousness enter a phase of rest and relaxation.

For any woman, sleep is invaluable. After all, lack of sleep directly affects the psycho-emotional state, appearance and well-being.

The laws of female nature

If the routine of a woman’s life at the moment is not connected with specific working conditions or force majeure circumstances, then you should not neglect a good and proven life rule: go to bed at the same time every day. The best hours to go to bed are the evening from 9 pm. It was at this time that the fair sex physiologically and emotionally ready for falling asleep. And the best that a woman should allow herself at this moment is to obey the laws of nature.

And it is advisable to wake up also at the same time every day. If you develop a similar habit, then the body will also thank its owner for the coordinated work of all organs, excellent health.

Bed linen must be changed frequently. Pets, even the most beloved ones, in no case have a place in the hostess’s bed. Their hair, skin flakes and other “joys” in case of systematic contact with a person can lead to skin diseases or allergies. In addition, pets can be a source of infection with bed bugs. And these bloodsuckers love to live in bed.

How much does a woman need to sleep?

The optimal time is 8-9 hours. In general, it is believed that women need two hours more sleep than men. And all because precisely this number of hours is able to protect a weak female body from possible stresses and emotional instability.

This is ideal. But in practice, an average woman spends about six hours a day on her sleep. This is disastrously not enough for her.

If a woman’s lack of sleep begins to take a systematic character, then the consequences may be:

  1. 1)skin problems;
  2. 2)fluid retention in the body;
  3. 3)accelerated aging;
  4. 4)the occurrence of the risk of colds;
  5. 5)tendency to depression;
  6. 6)change in reaction rate for the worse

Comfortable sleep

It is believed that it is best to sleep in a room where the temperature does not exceed 21-22 degrees. A classic option is to air the room before going to bed. And if you are not too lazy and take a short walk before bedtime – in the morning the skin will look fresh and beautiful.

And we think that it makes no sense to remind you that clean and fresh linen for sleeping is the key to a comfortable and healthy sleep. If the pillow on which the woman sleeps is too high, then prolonged sleep in this position can lead to the formation of wrinkles on the skin of the neck.

To have a quality dream:

– Do not eat up at night. The body instead of sleeping will spend energy on digesting food. If you really want to eat, then late dinner needs to be facilitated as much as possible: a classic glass of kefir + apple, or a glass of warm milk with honey, some fruit.

– No need to overload the brain at night. It is worth postponing the solution of serious family problems in the morning. You should not watch TV in the bedroom either.

– If you take a warm bath in the evening, it is better to add some soothing or relaxing oil there.

– Listening to good soft music will also be beneficial.