Types of tea and their benefits


It is very difficult to grow tea, this business requires a lot of strength and compliance with all the nuances. Tea is harvested exclusively by hand. Since all the best varieties of tea grow on the slopes of the mountains, no tea harvester will be able to get there. And in addition to everything else, the tea must be perfectly clean, without impurities. And this can only be achieved by manual labor. The type of tea depends on the time of harvesting, the degree of fermentation of the harvested leaves. Leaves from different branches can become different types of tea, which have an individual taste and smell. Accordingly, brewing methods also differ. Brewing tea correctly is not an easy task, as it may seem at first glance.

Black Tea

It should be noted that it is not considered a high-quality product in the countries of the East, and it is mainly imported to other regions.

For brewing black tea, it is advisable to use very clean water with a minimum concentration of minerals. Boiled water is poured into a teapot with tea, having previously rinsed it with hot water. The best teapots for brewing are ceramic. The brewing time is no more than 5 minutes, and it is necessary to cover the teapot with a napkin to prevent the essential oils from evaporating. Tea connoisseurs recommend brewing it in one large teapot, from which the drink is poured into cups.

Green tea

It is this type that is mostly consumed in Asian countries, and if you decide to buy this tea, choose high-quality varieties. To prepare the drink, it is necessary to use water with a low concentration of salts. An important point is that green tea should be brewed with slightly hot water so that all useful trace elements are preserved. Brewing time is usually 2 minutes, after which the infusion is poured into one large bowl (in Japan it is called a cup of justice), from which it is then poured into individual cups. Thanks to this method, every participant of the tea party will have very tasty green tea.

Green tea can be brewed repeatedly, the time of each subsequent brewing increases by an average of 15 seconds, and after each procedure new taste notes appear.

White tea

It is considered an elite tea, due to the highest concentration of antioxidants and vitamins, which have preserved their properties due to minimal fermentation.

Regarding brewing, there are also certain nuances. The water should not be hot (maximum 50 degrees Celsius). Brewing time should be less than that of other varieties – no more than 3 minutes.

Useful properties:

– Phenol compounds prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which clogs vessels.

– Tea strengthens the enamel of teeth, bones, hair and nails.

– Regular consumption of tea prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

– Green tea, in addition to all the above-mentioned properties, has a calming effect.

– And strong tea, on the contrary, helps to get rid of drowsiness and makes a person more energetic. But if you need to quickly become active and productive, take Modalert or Modavigil.