The types of dreams that a person can see


Physiological dreams

The meaning of these dreams is determined by the external conditions in which the person is sleeping. For example, a feeling of coldness can cause snow to appear in dreams, feelings of thirst and hunger can be the reasons for the occurrence of corresponding dreams.

Everyday dreams

These are dreams about what happens with a person every day. Such dreams are not very emotional and show your activity or passivity during the day, busyness or worries.

Real dreams

Most of these dreams are ordinary memories, re-experiencing of events that have already happened to us. As a rule, they associated with the influence of objects of the surrounding world, perceived by a person during a sleep. It can be the ticking of a clock, noise outside the window, the sound of a door opening. As a rule, such dreams do not carry any semantic meaning, if they do not belong to the category of recurring ones.

Compensatory dreams

This type of dream reflects life’s difficulties. Thus, they help to solve a problem that has already arisen in life. A person experiments, develops various options for solving it. In addition, such dreams help us realize what we are consciously striving.

Dreams that recur frequently

In most cases, this is a sign that you need to pay attention to something important. In this way, the subconscious is trying to suggest where we need to direct our forces.

Continuation of dream

When you see a continuation of a past dream, consider it as a whole story. Analyze what you see carefully. It is possible that the subconscious mind shows the correct path or the solution to some problem.

Warning dreams

They based on the knowledge of the subconscious of this or that fact and the attempt of the subconscious to convey this information to consciousness. A person may dream that he is driving a car and the brakes do not work. This means that you have long wanted to take time to check the car, but everyday affairs did not give such an opportunity. In this situation, you need to find time to check the car.

Nightmare dreams

A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes an abrupt awakening. Nightmares can be about injury, illness, stress, or a real life situation. Nightmares are signs of fear that cannot ignore. The subconscious mind shows us the sign “Attention”. Once a solution found, the recurring nightmares will end.

Confirming or complementary dream

When we are about to make a serious, significant choice, we often have a dream that confirms this action.

Shared dreams

It is believed that such dreams occur in people with high emotional intimacy. In addition, in such dreams, it is possible to exchange information between people who are far from each other.

Conscious dreams

This is a special type of the dreams in which a person becomes not a passive observer of what happening, but he controls the plot. To do this, you need to learn to let go of all thoughts and create what you want to see.