Pillow shapes and types: how to choose the most comfortable pillow for sleeping?

Very often people choose unsuitable pillows. Today they are classified by many factors: purpose, shape, filler, degree of rigidity, size.

Choosing a pillow, we can come across three types of this product: classic, anatomical, and orthopedic.

1. Classic.

They are of the usual square or rectangular shape with filler inside. They can be divided into sub types. Classic pillows are suitable for conservatives who do not strive for innovation. The main disadvantage of such products, in comparison with orthopedic and anatomical, is that they do not provide preventive effects for problems with the spine.

2. Orthopedic pillow.

It is a find for people with diseases of the spine, especially cervical spine. This is a special product that differs in shape from the classic. Usually, they made in the form of a roller or rectangle. Inside, it consists of several layers of elastic material. This has the task of providing absolute sleep comfort and a preventative effect.

3. Anatomical pillows.

They consist of several layers or fillers. Anatomical pillow resembles two connected rollers of different sizes. Its uniqueness is that it has a memory effect. During rest, the material takes the shape of the sleeper’s head and neck.

Let’s consider the main forms of pillows, how to choose them depending on your desires.

Classics – pillows have a rectangular or square shape. If you choose a classic pillow, you should imagine what the bed will look like. Rectangular pillows are becoming increasingly popular by European standards.

Forms of orthopedic pillows are:

• Rectangular with a depression. This format provides good neck support. This option is best for people who sleep on side.

• Rectangular without depression. This is a simple classic variant that will suit everyone.

Anatomical pillows are divided into the following forms:

• Ergonomic wave. It is a rectangle made up of small and large rollers.

• Jagged wave. This form is ideal for those who sleep on the side. A special notch helps to avoid touching the shoulders and keeps the spine and head in the correct position.

• The bone-pillow. It resembles a butterfly or, in fact, a bone. It is a versatile option for sleeping on your stomach, side or back.

You can choose individually for yourself or take a universal form for the whole family.

Let’s consider the basic sizes of pillows for a sleep. The height of the pillows is the most important factor. To calculate what height should be, you need to measure the length from neck to shoulder. This will be the size of the gap between the headboard and the mattress, that is, the ideal pillow height.

Standard height:

• 8-10 cm – women;

• 12-16 cm – men;

• 1-9 cm – children.

When measuring the desired height, a deviation of 1-2 cm allows. For example, if the shoulder-neck length is 9 cm, you can buy a pillow with a height of 10-11 cm.

The length of pillows can vary from 40 to 80 cm and the width from 30 to 70 cm. Focus on personal preferences, the size of the bed and the strength of the mattress on which the pillow will be use.

There are the following types of width:

• 60×60;

• 70×70:

• 50×70;

• 75×50;

• 50×100.