The benefits and harms of daytime sleep for adults


It is believed that daytime sleep only for schoolchildren. However, such a statement is completely unfounded. Moreover, more and more doctors around the world are “prescribing” sleep for adults as a means to reduce stress, fatigue and recuperate.

If you know all the advantages and difficulties of such a dream and use them correctly, then it will be useful for you.

Four reasons why daytime sleep is good for your health

1.        Daytime sleep allows you to be energetic and active. A short break after lunch allows you to stay equally effective throughout the day, especially in adverse weather conditions or long work.

2.        Half an hour of sleep during the day improves imagination, alertness, and concentration. This is why many people, whose profession requires constant concentration, try to lie down or sleep for a short time during the day.

3.        Scientific research in recent years shows that sleeping during the day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps to cope with incipient viral diseases and stress. In addition, a short daytime nap supports the regeneration processes in the body, which means that while you sleep, you become younger.

4.        Daytime sleep is a kind of reboot for the whole organism, especially the system of neuro-humoral regulation. Overcoming difficult tasks or finding the right solution – all this is possible in a dream. Therefore, when you wake up, you will already know the answer to the question that interested you.

The harm of daytime sleep

Meanwhile, many people have verified from their own experience that sometimes after a day sleep they feel overwhelmed. What is the reason for this reaction?

The fact is that too long sleep during the day leads to disturbances in the internal perception of time. The brain falls asleep too deeply and goes into deep sleep. Waking up in this time, you will feel tired, and your brain will be “fog.” Headaches, lowering blood pressure, and a general feeling of fatigue are also possible.

There are several rules to take full advantage of the benefits of naps for adults. Let us consider them in more detail:

• Go to bed between 12 a.m. and 3 p.m., but sleep no longer than 50-60 minutes.

• Use the coolest place in the room to sleep. If it is possible, open the window. Fresh air will help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

• Try not to overeat before bed.

• If you work in an office and your lunch break is 1 hour, use half of that time for sleep. To do this, sit comfortably, put your head on crossed arms and move a little back on the chair. Take a position so that your back is almost horizontal. In this position, all of your muscles will be relaxed.

• Young mothers can arrange a “quiet hour” with their child. A short break in the middle of the day will allow a tired woman to regain her strength, reduce the effects of stress and routine.

If your lifestyle does not allow you to include naps into your daily routine, then use weekends for it. Even one nap a week is great benefit for an adult.