Omega-3 Benefits for Brain Health and Mood

Omega-3 is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This substance can be found in large quantities in such food as:

  • – saltwater fish (especially in salmon) and seafood;
  • – flax seeds, flaxseed oil, and other vegetable oils;
  • – walnuts and almond;
  • – soy and other beans.

Also, it is sold in the pure form as a biologically active additive.

Everybody knows that Omega-3 is very useful for our health. And now you will learn how exactly it influences the brain health and your mood.

Prevention of the diseases

Omega-3 guarantees the normal functioning of vessels. Adequate intake of it helps to prevent cholesterol from subsiding on vascular walls. It leads to effective prophylactics of the cerebral atherosclerosis, ischemia of brain (lack of oxygen) and stroke.

Also, this acid is one of the components of brain cells membranes. Omega-3 ensures the cells’ integrity and facilitates the links between neurons. If you eat enough products, which contain this substance, or take it in capsules, your brain will be protected from premature aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognitive functions enhancement

Each neuron of your brain consists of Omega-3. This acid is very important for their work. The main quantity of the acid is located in membranes. It helps to conduct signals between cells. This process is necessary for all the cognitive functions.

If there is a lack of Omega-3, all cognitive functions (memory, attention, mental ability) get worse. This is particularly true for older persons. Durable deficit of polyunsaturated fatty acids leads to faster ageing of brain. In order to prevent it, everyone should eat more saltwater fish, nuts and plant oils.

Omega-3 helps not only in prophylactics, but also in fighting the memory impairment. Scientists’ researches show, that this substance improves cognitive functions in case of their moderate disruptions caused by age-related changes. But it’s worth to mention, that it doesn’t help to cure Alzheimer’s disease. It can only prevent the illness to outbreak and avoid its fast progression.

As for healthy people, some surveys’ results say, that the intake of Omega-3 can’t better good cognitive functions. It shows effect only if there are some problems with memory, attention or mental ability.

Assistance in treating depression

Scientists claim, that Omega-3 promotes producing the “feel-good hormone” – serotonin. It helps to get well after depression faster. Studies show, that adequate intake of polyunsaturated acids upgrades the efficiency of the therapy with antidepressants.

Conclusion: why does your brain need Omega-3?

So, the consumption of polyunsaturated acids is recommended in order to:

  • – hold prophylactics of stroke;
  • – avoid worsening of cognitive function;
  • – prevent Alzheimer’s disease;
  • – enhance memory, availability to concentrate, and mental ability in case of – their moderate declining;
  • – accelerate the recovery from depression.

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