Nutrition and insomnia

Whether you sleep soundly depends on the work of nighttime hormones. The main sleep hormone is melatonin, which is also a regulator of daily rhythms. Another important function of this hormone is antioxidant activity, which is necessary for maintaining health and youth.

Darkness is necessary for the production of the required amount of melatonin. Foods that contain natural melatonin can also help with insomnia. These are cherries, grapes, and green leafy vegetables. Corn, rice, wheat, barley, oats and wine are also high in melatonin.

When planning your meals, pay attention to what time you eat in the evening. Also, what food products you include in your diet during the day is important. Many of them significantly affect how quickly you fall asleep and how soundly you will sleep.

Let’s consider products that cause insomnia:

• products containing simple sugars.

These include all baked goods, sweets, jams, sauces, dairy products with additives, fast food, very sweet fruits. Their consumption after 17:00 stimulates the production of such hormones as adrenaline and norepinephrine. Normally, their level should decrease in the afternoon, which contributes to easy falling asleep. Due to the effect of norepinephrine, increased aggressiveness and irritability may occur, and due to the effect of adrenaline – anxiety. In this state, it will be extremely difficult to fall asleep.

• products containing caffeine.

Caffeine blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter that builds up in your brain throughout the day, making you feel sleepy at night. Even if you drank coffee six hours before bedtime, your body will produce less adenosine and you will have a harder time falling asleep. In addition, coffee can affect the functioning of your biological clock and this will lead to insomnia.

• products with excess salt.

First, these products increase the production of cortisol in the evening, which leads to overexcitation of the nervous system. In this state, the body cannot rest at night. Second, a large amount of salt in your menu makes you thirsty. You will wake up at night to drink water. This will eventually lead to insomnia.

• diuretic products.

These are such food products as watermelons, grapefruits, cranberries, sea buckthorn and others. Their effect on the body is obvious — all these products stimulate diuresis. If you eat a lot of these foods during the day, you will visit the toilet frequently at night. As a result, frequent night awakenings lead to insomnia. Diuretic foods are actually good for the heart and kidneys. Therefore, it is recommended to eat them in the morning and in small quantities.

In addition to nutrition, an important factor for a good night’s sleep is not to nap during the day. If you feel sleepy and low performance, take Modalert or Modavigil. These drugs will safely help you to be cheerful, productive and energetic during the day and sleep soundly at night.