4 habits that negatively affect the clarity of thinking


1. Sedentary lifestyle.

Since so many people have started working remotely, their physical activity has decreased. Thanks to delivery services, many people don’t even go shopping for groceries. But this convenience has serious consequences.

Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart disease, excess weight, various brain disorders, including a decrease in clarity of thinking. In addition, it worsens the condition of neurons. With a sedentary lifestyle, the body receives less oxygen, a person gets tired faster, as a result of which he has problems with clarity of thinking.

2. Eating a lot of sugar.

All processed foods contain some amount of sugar. Its excessive consumption causes oxidative stress, which leads to mood swings, depression, memory problems and impaired clarity of thinking. Excessive consumption of sugar is harmful, but it is impossible not to consume glucose at all. Glucose is necessary to maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism. Lack of carbohydrates, the monomer of which is glucose, has a negative effect on mental activity. This is especially true for the elderly. However, it is recommended to get glucose not from cakes and donuts, but from fruits, cereals, pasta and potatoes.

3. Have a breakfast after 8:30 or don’t have breakfast at all.

Studies show that a late first meal may be a major cause of brain problems. People who eat breakfast later than 8:30 have higher blood sugar levels than those who have a breakfast early. High sugar levels are the first cause of diabetes, as well as premature aging of the brain and, as a result, impaired clarity of thought. In order to have an early breakfast and keep the sugar level normal, you need to get up early and go to bed early.

4. Regular drinking of psychostimulants (energy drinks and caffeine).

Substances that increase performance and clarity of thinking for a short period of time often decrease performance after their effects have ended.

Caffeine blocks adenosine, a chemical compound that our brain produces. As a result, this leads to the release of a large amount of adrenaline by the adrenal glands. There is a sharp increase in the level of adrenaline in the blood, which then drops just as sharply. As a result, a person loses the energy that caffeine provides. Therefore, after drinking coffee, a person first feels an increase in productivity and clarity of thinking, and after the end of its effect, one feels sleepiness and a decrease in clarity of thinking.

Energy drinks stimulate the work of the heart, blood vessels, nervous and endocrine systems. As a result, severe stress occurs in the body. In this condition, the resource of the internal organs is significantly reduced and the work of the brain deteriorates.

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