How to Spot Fake Modafinil: 4 Fishy Details That Speak for Themselves

how to spot fake modafinil

It is quite easy to tell if Modafinil is real after we consume it, but why should we take a risk and pay for fake stuff after all? There are 4 ways to know a smart drug is completely fake (and sometimes even dangerous).

For More Information, Please Call

Is there any phone number on the website? Does it really connect you to any human being? Can you speak to a pharmacist or another staff member to find out more about the smart drugs, their side effects and dosing? The pharmacist or another staff member should be always available to answer your questions and help you with your concerns.

Too Good to Be True

Saving money is everybody’s priority, but you should try and save them smart. If you purchase Modafinil online and the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. When the price is way too low, it is a red flag that should get you really suspicious of a medication’s effectiveness and safety. Because high-quality meds cost quite expensive and the seller just has no profit giving them for almost free.

Are you watching closely?

The easiest tip on how to identify counterfeit Modafinil after you have finally received it is to watch closely. Visual inspection still remains the most helpful. Use some reliable sources on the Internet to find photos of the real drug packaging and check if the one you hold in your hands appears different from what you see on the screen. Check the colors, the shape of blisters and pills, pay attention to the smell (because there should not be any bad smell, actually). If there are no NAFDAC number on the foil blister or if it does not match the batch code on the medication’s paper box, you better take a hint.

It Simply Does Not Work

The real Modafinil has strong wakefulness abilities, enhances mental alertness, clearness and creativity. And it usually takes 30 minutes after consuming to start working. So, if you feel absolutely nothing after taking a pill, we are sorry to say that you have bought the drug from the wrong website (but sometimes you just need a bigger dose). To know for sure, observe if your urine has a strong unpleasant odor, because that is the sign of a real smart drug (yes, there are some not-so-negative effects you are going to deal with anyway).