Can Nootropics Really Replace a Good Night Sleep?

can nootropics replace a good night sleep

You have probably already heard about nootropics which are best known as smart drugs. Lots of discussion about their unbelievably powerful cognitive enhancing effects have come from different media-outlets, including television and the Internet. But the thing is, while the mass media should increase public awareness and inform people, it sometimes gives us pretty wrong impression of stuff. And when it comes to talking smart drugs, the first thing that pops into people’s heads is usually an image of the main character of the Limitless movie portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

We all remember how powerful and mentally alert his character became after taking a strange pill. But real-life medications do not work like that: real nootropics available for purchasing can boost your memory, improve decision-making capability, motivation, alertness, and cognition by simply increasing dopamine levels in your brain. But it will never work if you do not get a good night’s sleep.

Need for Sleep: Brain Power’s Unleashed

Do you want to use your brain’s full powers? Do you need to overcome a challenging work-related situation, stay focused throughout the day and be highly productive? It may be a bit disappointing but what you have to do first is get a deep sleep. Because there is nothing quite like the moment you hit the pillow, relax and fall into the arms of Morpheus.
The quality of sleep is crucial for our productivity, alertness and memory consolidation (the process of turning short-term memories into long-term ones). During the sleep our body produces different types of hormones, like HGH (human growth hormone) which regulates metabolism and prolactin which has anti-inflammatory properties and is needed for recovery of joints in the human’s body.

Anyway, under certain circumstances, being nervous or depressed, people have serious trouble falling asleep. And after a sleepless night, trying to make it through the day seems almost impossible. That is exactly the reason why people need to take smart drugs. Nootropics are natural supplements that can boost your energy and brain power. They are also capable of reducing brain fog and functioning as antioxidant agents. Smart drugs are the pills that can really speed up your thought process but they cannot improve your mood and were initially developed to treat sleep disorders, so that people taking them could lead a normal life when suffering from trouble sleeping at night.

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