How to separate breastfeeding and sleep?

Breastfeeding before sleep is absolutely justified if the child is not one and a half months old. However, from three months, the structure of sleep changes, melatonin begins to produce. From six months of age, the sucking reflex becomes a sucking habit. Habits exist good and bad. Some can make life more pleasant and more harmonious, while others can limit freedom and harm health. If the child wakes up between sleep cycles, and he does not yet know how to fall asleep without your help, then your task is to teach the child to fall asleep without your active participation. Try not to do for the child what he already copes with himself.

Try the following guidelines to separate breastfeeding and sleep.

1.        Starting at four months entrust your relative to put the baby to sleep. The baby needs the experience of falling asleep not only with a mom. At this moment, one should not deceive the child and try to hide from his field of vision. Let your relative comes up in advance, play with the child, then mom gives complementary foods, and only after that gives the father or grandmother the opportunity to put the child to sleep. Mom should not worry at this point, because the baby is already tired, wants to sleep, next to him is a reliable person; it will help him fall asleep and feel safe.

2.        Provide basic comfort and stability that the child needs. Your peace of mind and care are more important to your baby than your breasts or bottle of milk.

3.        Feed your baby during the day in a relaxed, familiar environment. Remove distractions, such as TV, phone, and other people. This is the time of your close communication with the baby.

4.        Introduce element of the ritual between sleep and breastfeeding. For example, when you feed, give your baby a soft toy; tell a story about it, using simple sentences.

You can use reading a fairy tale. While feeding in a chair, read a book at the same time, trying to interest the baby, then finish reading, put the baby in bed, turn off the light. You can feed right after the bath, while the baby is still in the towel, then put on your pajamas and go to bed.

5.        Do not turn off the light during a feeding.

6.        Spend more time with your baby during the day. He will not have an irresistible desire to be with you at night.

7.        Between breastfeeding and sleeping, another relative may communicate with child. After feeding, dad can read a fairy tale or hold baby in his arms until he calms down. The most important training is the first 3 to 4 days, so that the baby has the experience of falling asleep without feeding. At this moment, do not leave the child alone in the room, in every possible way reassure him with your voice, short strokes. After a week, the baby will forget the previous way of falling asleep.

8.        Remember that the crib not needed for storing toys; it is time for the child to sleep in it. It is safer for a toddler who is actively learning new motor skills. Lay the child first for daytime and then for nighttime dreams in his crib.