10 ways to have a great sleep on a plane

During the holiday season, the happiest of us have a long flight to the resorts with beaches and the same flight back. Let us consider the main rules, following which, you can sleep peacefully on the plane.

1. Always choose a window seat.

So you will have a few inches more space than near the aisle. In addition, your neighbor will not have to wake you up if he wants to walk.

2. Never reserve a seat in the last row.

First, in most plane models, these seats cannot fully fold back. Secondly, after a couple of hours of flight, a queue of people wishing to go to the toilet and those who are just tired of sitting and want to take a walk will form in the back of plane. They will stand by you for a long time and annoy you.

3. Buy a bottle of water before your flight.

Dry plane air leads to rapid dehydration, and dehydration leads to insomnia.

4. Do not drink alcohol on board.

Lowering the pressure in the plane is very stressful for the heart. Do not complicate the work of the heart with alcohol.

5. Bend down.

If you bend forward, the heart rate decreases automatically – the body goes into a calm mode. Many doctors recommend those who find it difficult to fall asleep on an airplane try to lie on a folding table. If this seems too radical for you, bend forward, rest elbows on your knees, and when you feel yourself breathing slower, sit straight. Even when you sleep in your own bed, you change your body position 20 times in one night. Thus, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you constantly want to change your position while sitting in an airplane seat.

6. You need to dress conveniently before the flight.

Clothes should make of natural fabrics. The muscles of the legs should not be tense – and for this, they should be in their natural position, and not in the one in which they are in the stiletto heels.

7. Eat useful food.

The plane often becomes the place where people begin to indulge in “unhealthy food” that they usually do not eat. Sweet foods, coffee and carbohydrate-rich foods invigorate. If you have a choice, focus on proteins (meat, fish) and green vegetables.

8. Consume cold drinks or food.

Before going to bed, the body temperature of a person decreases, because not all systems work as intensely as during wakefulness. Use this mechanism to fall asleep. Try to eat ice cream, cold yogurt, fruit, juice, or water.

9. Listen familiar sounds before falling asleep.

There are many films, books, radio on the plane. Do not neglect these pleasures. However, right before bedtime, it is best to listen to calm music from your own player. The point is that when the music is familiar, the brain does not waste energy on “comprehending” it, and you relax.

10. Never think that you need to sleep.

This is the first thing doctors teach people with insomnia. No need to sit with your eyes closed and worry that you are not sleeping. Do not think that you cannot sleep. Do not worry and relax.