How to Overcome Fatigue: 9 Tips

Numerous stresses and everyday fuss very negatively affect your health. Your situation is aggravated by the lack of rest. A working day passes and you feel like a squeezed lemon. And what to do? We will talk about how to deal with fatigue and malaise.

  1. 1. Carbohydrates in large quantities. By eating foods that are high in carbohydrates, you help produce the hormone serotonin, which can help to deal with fatigue.
  2. 2. The body is in tension. It is worth paying attention to how you sit while working. If you sit uncomfortably, then your well-being will subsequently worsen. Legs get tired, muscles become numb, and eyes have a hard time if you, all the while peering at the monitor. In order that there is no overwork, try to sit more comfortably, do exercises for the eyes, be sure to take a walk at lunch, to do breaks during work.
  3. 3. Observe the daily routine. Lack of sleep is the main cause of fatigue. If you often do not get enough sleep, this can lead to chronic over fatigue, various diseases, and a decrease in immunity. If you can’t get enough sleep, and the work schedule is voluminous, then don’t think about getting enough sleep for the weekend. It is best to lie down an hour earlier and get up an hour later. Schedule your day and affairs in minutes. If you are disciplined, then you can go to bed earlier than usual.
  4. 4. Medicines, their side effects. Before taking medications, read the instructions, as some medications can cause fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, and overwork. This condition of the body can cause an antihistamine – which is contained in such drugs as medicines for cough, colds, pressure, and allergy. Do not abuse drugs. Strengthen the immune system, use traditional medicine recipes.
  5. 5. The pressure. Make sure that your pressure is always stable. Of course, not everything is within our power, for example, the influence of weather conditions is very affecting our pressure. But, as they say, “our health is in our hands”.

Also, fatigue may be caused by drugs for treating high blood pressure.

  1. 6. Dehydration. Our body needs a lot of water, and if you consume a little, then all processes slow down, and the excretory system works worse. Your blood volume may decrease due to a lack of water, which will lead to fatigue. Doctors recommend drinking up to two liters of water per day.
  2. 7. Stress and psychological stress. The nervous system can be seriously tense if you experience stress and psychological trauma. A large number of muscles are strained, and the nervous system is in tension. After you get nervous, not only your brain needs to rest, but also the body.
  3. 8. Colors. We are surrounded by various colors. Pleasant colors for our eyes, usually located at home. At work, we are unable to change the color scheme. If your work is not very pleasant colors, it is not surprising that you get tired, you have a bad mood, well-being, apathy, and depression. Well then, you have to put up with the situation at work, unless this work is dear to you.
  4. 9. Drugs. In some cases, it is not possible to overcome fatigue and drowsiness on their own. Then you can use special drugs created for this purpose that are safe and effective. One of these is Armod, which you can buy here.