7 habits that destroy our health

Recent studies by American physicians have established seven basic habits of modern man, which slowly but surely undermine his vitality. So these are:

  1. Regular lack of sleep.
    If in the middle of the last century the average person sleeps about 8 hours a day, then a modern human can already afford no more than 6.5 hours. This is directly related to both the accelerated pace of business life and the increased level of sleep disorders caused by constant stress.
  2. “Passion” for all kinds of diets for weight loss.
    Lovers of diets can be divided into three groups. The first group still reduces weight thanks to a well-chosen diet. The second group does not have successes, but it does not despair. People from the third group are tirelessly busy looking for new effective ways to lose weight and are very worried in case of failure. It is this group that is constantly suffering from feelings of dissatisfaction and chronic stress.
  3. Stubborn unwillingness to be treated.
    Some people with chronic diseases accustom themselves to constantly overcome the feeling of pain, but they do not find the time or the desire to see a doctor. Scientists have found that such a habit eventually develops into constant muscle weakness, depressive symptoms, decreased sexual feelings and concentration. This type of person constantly feels exhausted and cannot live a full life.
  4. Coffee mania.
    It has long been observed that a certain amount of coffee helps to increase the overall tone of the body. However, when it develops into a habit of drinking coffee by liters, there is having no benefits. The addictive effect and severe dehydration of the body this is what awaits people who are unreasonably consuming this aromatic and healthy drink.
  5. “Passion” for energy stimulants.
    Some modern business people have the habit of consuming energy drinks daily, hoping to increase their own performance. However, receiving shock doses of caffeine, ginseng and taurine have a devastating effect on our internal organs, weakening the body’s reserves at a fairly rapid pace.
  6. Oxygen starvation.
    Even if you are constantly forced to be indoors (for example, by the nature of your activity), pay attention to its regular ventilation or master the technique of special breathing exercises.
  7. A sedentary lifestyle.
    It is no secret that active physical activity, in addition to a positive effect on muscle tone, also causes feelings of emotional satisfaction in the human brain. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you are thin or fat: the more you move, the longer you will live.